For school theatre educators, securing a portion of the school’s operating budget can be challenging. As arts funding is frequently reduced in favor of other initiatives, how can busy drama teachers like you convince their administrators that On The Stage is worth considering? Here are some easy suggestions from our team at OTS for how to talk to your administration about On The Stage.On The Stage Is Free For Your Drama Program

Seriously. There are no startup costs or hidden fees involved with using our all-in-one solution for ticketing, promotion, online productions, and more. The only time your school will pay for our software is if you choose to absorb our limited ticketing and processing fees, rather than passing the costs onto your patrons.

On The Stage Is Used Across The U.S. 

Our simple solution for theatres of all sizes is trusted by over 500 school districts in all 50 states.

On The Stage Increases Self-Funding

Thanks to our effective methods of promotion and ticket sales, most users see increases in revenue from productions. With the right strategies in place, your program can significantly increase its payout per production and take steps towards self-funding your arts initiatives.

On The Stage Empowers Students

Prepare your students for the administrative side of running a theatre. Our multi-user access settings mean your students can have limited permissions to help build a broadway-style web presence for each production. These increased experiences can seriously energize your students and help create greater educational outcomes for them even if they aren’t performing on a stage! We’ve seen users create Zoom talkbacks and Q&A sessions for set designers, crew, and other non-actors in their programs.

On The Stage Is Secure

Our platform meets all necessary SSL and encryption standards for secure transactions. Our streaming and video on demand functions are set up so that your ticketing for those performances cannot be exploited via link or stream sharing.

The Show Must Go On[line]

In the wake of COVID-19, giving students tools to participate in arts programs is more important than ever. In addition to our access functions to empower students, On The Stage is built to give your theatre program flexibility. Even if pandemic restrictions prevent performing arts programs from producing a show in the traditional format, OTS has options for streaming. Combined with our video on demand functions, you can expand your audience via hybrid productions offering both live and streamed performances. And our users can manage socially distanced seating via our ticketing system too!

When it comes to advocating for your performing arts program, approaching administration and developing relationships is key. Focusing first on the hard costs (NONE) associated with our program and then delving into the additional benefits will typically get their attention. If you need assistance our team is always here to answer your questions and help. Schedule a group demo to see the On The Stage difference in action.

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