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Nyk Sutter-Downs
Nyk Sutter-Downs is Corn Stock's Theatre Manager and has been directly involved with Corn Stock since 2002 when he made his Tent debut as Dream Ballet Curly in Oklahoma! He absolutely adores CST and the fact that it's the place where he met, proposed to, and married his husband, Nate. Nyk is beyond thrilled to bring this unique project to life. This rehearsal process has certainly been unique and it’s odd that the cast will have never been in the same room together when the show premieres but when life throws you a curveball, you have to catch it and throw it right back and keep going! Some of Nyk’s favorite creative credits include: Director/Choreographer for Carrie the Musical (NTA),Director/Choreographer for Heathers the Musical (CST), Co-Director for Bring It On the Musical (PPT), and Director for Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead (CST). Enjoy the show – whodunnit!?

Creative Team & Special Thanks

Creative Team:

Director: Nyk Sutter-Downs

Writers: Whitney Chitwood and Kathy Chitwood

Executive Producer: Eddie Urish

Assistant Director: Brandi Young

Prompter: Maggie Sloter

Videographers: Nate Downs, Brandi Young, Whitney Chitwood

Special Thanks:

Alexandra Palkovic (Carrie Campbell)

Hank Hewitt (Investigator Alex Getz)

Andrew Driscoll and The Waterhouse

Robin Hunt

Patrick Bell

Moll Jean Nye

Carly Ballerini

Corn Stock Theatre Staff:

Theatre Manager: Nyk Sutter-Downs

Box Office Manager: Brandi Young

Grants/Fundraising Coordinator: Maggie Sloter

Shop Foreman: Gene Bourke

Technical Coordinator: Remi Kapp