Anne of Green Gables Cast

Cassidy Miles-Coleman (Anne Shirley)
Cassidy Miles-Coleman is a senior at Richwoods High School. She is more than excited to have been given this incredible experience. This is Cassidy’s 15th show and one of her favorites. As well as participating in theatre, Cassidy is also involved in many clubs including: Interact, Best Buddies, and French Club. She is so grateful to everyone who made this show possible. She hopes you enjoy the show.
Ryan Salisbury (Matthew Cuthbert)
Ryan is a sophomore at Richwoods High School. This is his 5th show at Corn Stock. He loved playing Capulet 2 years ago. He had a great time working on the show last year but was disappointed when it got canceled. He was so excited when he found out the show was back and even more excited when he got the opportunity to play Matthew. He hopes you enjoy the show.
Rachel Lard (Marilla Cuthbert)
Hi my name is Rachel. I’ve loved being in Anne of Green Gables and when I am not here at the theatre. I take classes at ICC and animate. I’m so excited for shows to be opening back up. I hope you enjoy Anne as much as Marilla does!
Lydia Dutton (Rachel Lynde)
I am 16 years old and am a part-time student at IVC High School and part-time home-schooled. At IVC I participate in Master Chorale and Vocal Jazz. In my free rime, I enjoy reading, writing, and playing the Sims. Some of my previous theatre experience includes: Anna in Frozen Jr. and Count Paris In Romeo, You Idiot! I couldn’t be more excited to finally welcome you to Avonlea. Please enjoy the show!
Flynn Robertson (Mr. Phillips, Jerry Buote, and others)
Hi! Every show he’s done? Too many to say. Life for him consists of making music, Playing games like d&d and hockey. Music being his favorite past time Enjoy the show!
Emilie Gilles (Prissy Andrews, Aunt Josephine Barry)
Emilie Gilles is a freshman studying theatre studies at the University of Illinois in Urbana – Champaign. Anne of Green Gables is her second Corn Stock show and third community theatre show I Peoria. Her interests include photography and creative writing. Emilie is very glad for the chance to do this show again and she hopes you enjoy the show!
Laynie Zika (Diana Barry)
Laynie Zika is a freshman at Chesterton Academy. She is thrilled to be on stage again even in a little bit of a different way. In her free time, she loves to dance and computer program for her robotics team. Thank you to everyone who made this amazing performance possible. Enjoy the show!
Sarah Allen (Mrs. Barry)
Sarah Allen is a Junior at Richwoods High School and is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the cast. Sarah has been doing theatre for 8 years now. This is her third show with Corn Stock and her 14th overall. When not performing on stage, Sarah enjoys competing on the Richwoods Speech Team, reading, and playing with her cats.
Isley Oxborrow (Minnie May Barry)
Isley was part of the original 2020 cast of Anne of Green Gables, and was last seen on the CST stage as Chorus 1 in Romeo You Idiot. In 2018 she played Virginia in "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus". She recently staged managed her Middle School production of Madagascar. Isley is a 5th grader at Washington Middle School. Isley loves Soccer, dance, tumbling, playing the saxophone, and Theatre!! In her words....'I can't get enough of Theatre!"
Geneva Bencz (Josie Pye)
My name is Geneva Bencz. I am 14 years old and this is my 10th show! I am so excited to be playing Josie Pye and am very grateful for this experience! Enjoy the show!
Kylee Polston (Ruby Gillis)
Kylee was a part of the original CSK cast for Anne of Green Gables. She is a 15 year old sophomore at Limestone Community High School. In her free time she likes to play video games and create music.
Isaac Oxborrow (Moody MacPherson)
Isaac was part of the original 2020 cast of Anne of Green Gables. Head last seen on the CST stage in 2019 as Lord Montague in Romeo, You Idiot! He has also been I. Several of his Middle School musicals....Peter Pan, High School Musical, and Madagascar. Isaac is an 8th grader at Washington Middle School. He enjoys running, playing the trumpet and piano, playing his PS4, and torturing his sisters.
Zack Mickelson (Charlie Sloane)
Zack Mickelson is enjoying his first performance with Corn Stock. Zack is in the 8th grade and has performed in Peter Pan, High School Musical, and Madagascar at his middle school. Zack also enjoys singing in his school band and competing in scholastic bowl. At home Zack is passionate about food, dogs, and all things sports (in that order).
Kenzie Stickler (Jane Andrews)
This is Kenzie's first show with Corn Stock. She's a Sophomore at Richwoods High School, and is a part of the speech team. She enjoys reading and listening to music.
Holden Tyre (Gilbert Blythe)
Holden loves being on stage and is very excited to take on the role of Gilbert in the Corn Stock production of Anne of Green Gables. Holden performed in 2019 as Benvolio in the comedy spoof Romeo, You Jacob Marek in the drama, And a Child Shall Lead in 2018…and in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat in the Fall of 2017. He is at Richwoods High School in the IB Program and loves competitive swimming and Chess at the high school level.
Re'na Lyles (Mrs. Allan)
Hi I’m Re’na Lyles and I play Mrs. Allen in Anne of Green Gables. I am a 15 year old freshman at Peoria High School. This will be my fifth play/musical that I’ve been in. I have been in Seussical the Musical at Corn Stock Theater, The Lion King Jr at the Civic Center, and two school plays.
Alex Glover (Stationmaster, School Boy)
Alex Glover is delighted to perform in his second play at Corn Stock as the stationmaster and a school boy in Anne of Green Gables. Alex’s first performance at Corn Stock was as the newsboy in Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Alex is in fifth grade and eleven years old. He enjoys spending time learning about space. Consequently, his favorite subject is science. A few of Alex’s hobbies are playing video games, cards, and board games with his family and friends. Alex’s extracurricular activities include flag football and band. Alex has had family ties in both his Corn Stock appearances. His sister, Kaitlyn, has also performed in both plays. Alex hopes you find the performance of Corn Stock’s Anne of Green Gables delightful and entertaining.
Alyssa Jarnigan (Mrs. Blewett, Queen's Academy Student)
Keegan Bragg (Rev. Bentley, Mr. Sadler, and others)
Keegan Bragg is making his theatre debut in Anne of Green Gables. Keegan is an 8th grade student at Limestone Walters. He is involved in Speech, band, and Scholastic Bowl. He would like to thank everyone involved with Anne of Green Gables and Corn Stock for Kids for this amazing experience.
Aby Rosano (Miss Rogerson, Miss Stacy, Mary Jo)
Abby Rosano is a sophomore at Richwoods High School. This is her 8th show, but her first at Corn Stock. She is very grateful to everyone who made this show a possibility and hopes that everyone enjoys the show and stays safe!
Renee Fonseca (Tillie Boulter)
Renee is a 6th grader at Lincoln Elementary in Morton. You may have seen her on stage at Corn Stock in ‘And a Child Shall Lead’. She also performs with Nitsch Theatre Arts. When she is not on stage she enjoys crafting, band, choir, and Girl Scouts. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Tobin Robertson (Jimmy Glover)
Tobin is 11 years old. He has done many shows including Addams Family the Musical (WGMS), Romeo You Idiot (Corn Stock for Kids), Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus (Corn Stock Winter) and My Fair Lady (Corn Stock Tent). He likes to play video games and play with his dog, Oliver. He wants to give a special thanks to his brother and his parents for their support. Enjoy the show and stay safe!
Harper Fillman (Bessie Wright)
My name is Harper Fillman. I am 10 years old and I am in fourth grade at Lincoln Grade School in Washington. This is my 2nd play at Corn Stock. In my free time I like to write, do gymnastics, play soccer, and cheerleading. My future goal is to be an actor or a teacher. I would like to thank Anna for her support and encouragement. Also, a big thanks to my family for allowing me to follow my dream!
Kaitlyn Glover (Carrie Sloane)
Kaitlyn is thrilled for the opportunity to perform as Carrie Sloane in Anne of Green Gables! Kaitlyn is twelve years old, and in the sixth grade. Her favorite subject is math and she appreciates time to read the latest adventure series. In Kaitlyn’s free time, she also enjoys playing piano, ukulele, and guitar for her family. Kaitlyn’s extracurricular activities this year have included participating in speech, chorus, band, volleyball and track. Kaitlyn had the incredible opportunity to perform in a previous production at Corn Stock, Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Kaitlyn has family ties in the play. Her brother, Alex, is the stationmaster in the play. She hopes everyone enjoys connecting with the characters of Anne of Green Gables as much as she has throughout their time performing together.
Wally Zika (School Boy)
Wally is in 3rd grade at Aletheia School. This is Wally’s first show and he loves it. Wally loves to play with LEGOs, go on bike rides, and make creations in Minecraft. Enjoy the show!
James Bailey (School Boy)
James is an 11 year old student at Bolin School. He has 3 brothers and 2 cats (Pompeii and Pumpkin). James enjoys playing baseball and doing flips on the trampoline. This is James’s first community play.