Alone, Together Cast

Mercer Akeson (Penelope, Annie,)
Mercer is ecstatic that we are back in our auditorium home for a good show! Drama gives her purpose. She would like to thank her castmates for keeping morale high and Harry for being someone to scream at. Good show!
Mateo Cuadros (Participant 3, Luis Gonzales, Dance Corp)
Mateo is so excited to be back for another show! He’s a lot of fun working on his scenes and his dances. He hopes that everyone will enjoy how much work the entire cast and crew has put into making this show possible. Good show!
Harrison Gomes (Ricardo, Participant 6, Christopher)
Harry lives in a swamp with a sign that says “HOME SWEET HOME” and enjoys romcoms, especially crying himself to sleep watching Twilight. #TeamEdward. He gives Becca thanks for continuing his passion of exiting his swamp, and doing theater.
Shea Varnadore (Evie, Abby, Emily)
Shea Varnadore is, as the kids would say, “stoked” to be back in the theatre! She’s especially “stoked” to be part of an incredible show that lets her vent her frustrations in a healthy manner. As an added note, Shea hates Mr. Argo’s mustache.
Estefania Tabarez (Katie, Felicia Alvarado)
Estefania is so psyched to be a part of another amazing show and is so fortunate to work with an incredible cast! She hopes to make this show unforgettable!
Emma Fehr (Participant 2, Consummation, Sue)
Emma doesn’t like Twilight, but she’s one hundred percent #TeamJacob. She’s so grateful for her amazing friends, family, and cast, and she’s wishing a speedy recovery for a fallen soldier's left knee. Good show!
Audrey Crumb (I, Polly, Dance Corp)
Audrey is so excited to be back in the theatre for her fourth show! She wants to thank the production team for all of their hard work, as well as her choir and drama families for keeping her spirits up this past year. Good show!
Preston Wright (Chris, Dance Corp)
Preston would NOT like to thank his left knee! Good show!
Micah Robinson (Taylor, Participant 5, Matthew)
Micah is excited to be a part of another wonderful production at Enumclaw Drama and is prepared to give a great show for all to enjoy!!
Jade Brewer (Laural, Participant 4)
Jade loves being apart of these productions. She is also very excited that we are starting to get back to “normal”. She loves the show so far and can’t wait to see the finished product!
Jasmine Dumontet (Alexandra, Myla, Dot Darcy, Dance Corp)
Jasmine is so grateful to be part of her first Zoom show and first high school Production! She wants to thank her family and castmates for being so supportive! Enjoy the show!!
Augy Hall (Participant 1, Dan)
Augy loooooves Burger King.
Kaya Albright (Teddy, Esther, Dance Corp)
Kaya is beyond happy to be back in the theater with everyone in the cast! After the long time the stage lights have been off, she excited to see them back on and the energy come back. She's loved being able to be part of this amazing show! She hopes you enjoy the show!
Gunner Argo (Steven)
Eric Fiedler (Father)
Beth Roberts (Steven's Wife)
Elizabeth Scott (Dina)
Paul Scott (Darry)