About Exhibit This!

Exhibit This! The Museum Comedies is a play by Luigi Jannuzzi, an award-winning playwright of one-act theater pieces who combines romantic/absurdist comedy with serious themes of love, truth, and the need to rise above it all.

In Exhibit This, the Metropolitan Museum of Art comes to life!  In a fast-paced series of SEVEN comedic plays and SIX monologues 50 some paintings, sculptures, antiquities, & fertility gods emerge from their molds & frames.  Artists, guards, critics, lovers, curators and visitor (the audience) spend one very special night in this new comedy.

Our performances will be socially distanced.  For those who wish to attend live, tickets will be sold in "pods" of 8 - each each group purchased together will be separated.  Live stream tickets are also available for our final two performances.

The Edwardian Players

The Edwardian Players have been producing plays and musical at St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio since 1952.  The young men from St. Edward are joined by women from St. Joseph Academy in Cleveland and Magnificat High School in Rocky River as part of these productions.