About Shenanigans Virtual Improv

Welcome to the WORLD PREMIER of the RISE Thespian Drama Clubs Improv Troupe The Rising Stars!!  This is their first show, aptly titled SHENANIGANS!  And thats what you will get in this fast paced, Who's Line Is It Anyway style comedy show.

In an Improv show there are no scripts, the cast has no idea what each game or scene will be about until it happening.  They have to use their wits to create scenes that fit within the individual game structure resulting in hilarious hi-jinks for all to enjoy!

Come prepared to interact, offer gifts (in the form of suggestions) and LOL yourself senseless!!

STRIVE Prep RISE High School

The Strive Prep RISE Performing Arts department is in its second year.  Through all of the pandemic we have focused on creating art that is safe, educational and entertaining.

The Thespian Drama Club (or TDC as we call it) is also in its second year! This student lead group is a member of the International Thespian Society and represents Troupe 8937 in the international theatre honors society.

We are a social justice school located in Green Valley Ranch and serve the far north east of Denver.