In the One The Stage Trailblazer Series, we look at legendary titans of the theatre – those who shattered stereotypes, broke glass ceilings, and made history. Today, we highlight Puerto Rican actress, dancer, and singer Rita Moreno. One of the last surviving actors in the Golden Age of Hollywood, Moreno continues to dazzle on stage […]

Your first production rehearsal typically comes with butterflies, plenty of excitement and anticipation, and lofty goals for the months ahead. While you may be wrapped up in all the exhilaration, remember that setting the right tone during your first gathering is key to the success of your show. If you’re not sure where to start, […]

Planning and executing a successful theatre production is no joke, and certainly no easy task. Right as you feel you’ve gotten a handle on things, there will likely be another obstacle – either creative or practical – that needs your attention.  Before you begin planning your next showcase, On The Stage offers a step-by-step guide […]