Ticket Scanning Built for the Performing Arts

Elevate your patron experience and streamline the arrival process, while saving time and money

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Replace the hectic, inconsistent process of checklist walk-ins with a professional arrival process that supports both digital and printed tickets. On The Stage (OTS) Ticket Scanning speeds up the arrival process, professionalizes the patron experience, protects your ticket sales, and drives more revenue for your organization, all while ensuring the best experience for staff and volunteers. 

The best part? You can do everything from the devices you already have. There is no need to purchase special equipment or expensive scanners.


Present a best-in-class Front-of-House experience and expedite entry times, while delighting your patrons and box office team alike

No Additional Hardware is Needed

Compatible with any iOS or Android Device, OTS Ticket Scanning eliminates the need to purchase special equipment or expensive scanners. All you need are the devices you already have!

Paperless, Contactless Experience

With mobile-friendly e-tickets, you can create a paperless experience from purchase to entry and minimize the need to handle cash or paper tickets.

Ticket Sale Protection

Reduce revenue loss, prevent ticket fraud, and eliminate ticket sharing with unique barcodes and scan-out functionality. You can also easily fight credit card disputes with our digital scan records.

Save Time and Resources

Reduce training time and minimize extra back-office work for staff and volunteers with the easy-to-use mobile scanners.

Real-Time Reporting

Receive updates across the platform from purchase to check in to post-performance. Easily track arrivals, identify no-shows, and denote back-off sales in real time for Front-of- House staff, eliminating the need to close box office sales prior to curtain.

Easy Ticket Distribution

Allow patrons to easily share ticket information and electronically distribute and/or transfer tickets to guests in their party, making group sales easy and seamless.

Optimized Scan Messages

Expedite entry times during walk-in with optimized scan messages (approved, no ticket found, duplicate ticket, etc.) that are fast and easy to read.

Grow your marketable patron database

Boost future marketing and ongoing fundraising efforts by collecting patron contact information during box office purchases and ticket transfers.

User-Level Permissions

Ensure the best experience for different staff and volunteers with user-level permissions and settings.

Offline Scanning Mode

Adapt to any venue with offline scanning modes available on multiple scanners.

Order Search

Quickly look up orders to check-in patrons who left their tickets at home or are unable to access their tickets.

Printed Options

For patrons who prefer paper tickets, our e-tickets are also optimized for printing at home