Promo Codes

Provide incentives, create urgency, and drive ticket sales with enticing promo codes

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With our promo code capabilities, you can provide incentives for new ticket buyers, encourage previous ticket buyers to come back for more, provide perks for your all-important donors, partner with local businesses to drive sales, fill the house on certain historically low-ticket sales days, and so much more.

We’ve made it easy to customize and target your promo codes so you get the best possible ROI and expand your reach to patrons who would not ordinarily purchase tickets. When combined with our filtered booking flows, you can take it one step further and provide patrons with a direct link to specific performances with the promo code already filled in at checkout.


Strategically enhance audience engagement and boost ticket sales through promo codes that create a sense of exclusivity and urgency

Redemption Windows

Limit the time window within which customers must redeem their promo code. This will drive urgency and increase the likelihood of purchase.

Flexibility to Meet Your Unique Needs

Create promo codes for any production, event, or ticket type. Whether you want to discount individual tickets, whole orders, or any type of combo, OTS makes it easy with just a few clicks.

Bulk Creation

Instead of creating promo codes one by one, OTS provides the ability to create multiple promo codes in bulk.

Targeted Audiences

Provide incentives to specific groups and audiences with an exclusive code created specifically to meet their needs.

Promote in a Filtered Booking Flow

In symphony with our filtered booking flow capability, you can lead your patrons directly to a specific show with a promo code automatically populated at checkout.

Comp Tickets

Provide professional comp tickets to your sponsors, cast, and crew that can be quickly and easily redeemed online.

Limit Options

Set unique limits on promo codes such as minimum amount off purchases, minimum order value in the cart, or a minimum number of tickets.