An All-in-One Fundraising Solution for Your Theatre

Take control of your theatre’s financial destiny with a comprehensive fundraising suite, where you can launch campaigns, track one-time and ongoing donations, manage and grow donors, access reports, and more.

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Increase self-funding with fundraising tools tailored to the performing arts

Looking to increase funding for your organization, manage donations, and nurture donors? On The Stage (OTS) offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help you easily raise additional money.

  • Increase funding for your organization through a fundraising site with ready-to-use templates that incorporate best practices or fully-customizable campaigns
  • Track one-time and recurring donations with donor management, goal tracking, and real-time reporting
  • Foster a sense of community and partnership by giving your cast and crew, patrons, and sponsors additional ways to engage with your program
  • Set goals and track progress with easily accessible dashboards and reports

With a fundraising suite that does it all, the only limit is your imagination.


Raise funds and engage your team through targeted campaigns

With an extensive library of ready-to-use campaign templates and the option to build a fully-customizable campaign, our Fundraising Suite is designed to help you start building momentum on day one. OTS customers receive a dedicated fundraising webpage to run campaigns with features like registry-style wishlists, automated emails, and social media capabilities.

Make fundraising fun and memorable for your cast and crew through gamification that includes a leaderboard and individual fundraising pages for each member with dedicated URLs and QR codes. Allow your cast and crew the option to leverage their fundraising efforts with a fun twist! Generate more funding to further your creative endeavors and enable your organization to deliver boundless art.

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Experience Year-Round Fundraising for Your Program

There are multiple paths to engage patrons for financial support and increase funds. If you’re looking for an all-in-one, straightforward, and simple-to-organize solution, you’re in the right place. With theatremakers in mind, we’ve curated special features for ongoing, year-round campaigns that are simple to set up and produce fantastic results time and time again.

Customizable organization donation webpages allow patrons to make a one-time donation, set up recurring contributions, purchase branded merchandise, and engage with your specific campaign efforts. With automated emails and social media integrations, ensuring ongoing support has never been easier.  

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Collect and manage donor information for insights and ongoing engagement

With a complete donor management system, you can seamlessly collect donor information, track patron activity, and optimize your fundraising strategies. Our editable fields offer flexibility to record what is most pertinent to your organization and empower you to keep track of the information you need.

Easily identify high-value customers with auto-updating lifetime value reports, maintain recurring donations year-to-year, and develop strategies for outreach with automated email communications. See for yourself how a well-equipped donor database can change the game for your organization and create amazing opportunities for your program.

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Track towards your goal in real-time and streamline your processes with comprehensive reporting

It’s not enough to run a fundraiser. You need to know if your efforts are working or not. With OTS, you can easily access and monitor overall campaign performance, and individual team member’s progress with built-in reporting.

Whether you prefer a dashboard with snapshots to quickly view high-level campaign summaries and top donor boards; or want to deep dive into revenue reports and get granular with insights like individual items sold, our platform has it all.

You can easily understand performance with post-campaign reports, share insights with exportable team details, distribute items, and remarket to donors with donor tracking and contact information reports. With so many options, the insights are endless! 

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Increase your Fundraising Profits (by the Thousands)

It’s no secret that producing a show can sometimes (unfortunately) come down to the padding in your pocket. But with a quick, easy set-up and a little bit of follow through, you can watch a shoestring budget change dramatically in a short period of time.

And if you think it’s impossible, look at Brownsburg Middle Schools, which collectively raised $102,797 in 2022 with the OTS Fundraising Suite!


Build a Loyal Community

Discover ongoing donations made easy! With OTS, customizable donation pages can be published before, during, and after the show to generate incrementally and encourage ongoing donations.

Did you know, recurring donors are 440% more valuable than one-time donations? Our donation subscriptions enable your patrons to give monthly to your organization rather than one large lump sum, making it easier for them to support your programs all year long.


No Cost to Your Organization

Unlike other fundraising platforms, OTS does not take a percentage of your earnings or limit how you raise funds. With multiple templates and customizable fundraiser campaign options, you can increase your overall budget to maximize your productions.

Product Category FAQs

What items can I sell through the On The Stage Fundraising Suite?

On The Stage is designed to be fully customizable, so the opportunities can be endless!  Whatever creative ideas you come up with, from baked goods to merchandise, to front-row seats and exclusive backstage content, your fundraiser can thrive in numerous ways! No matter the product, our automated communications, and donor processing can adapt to your circumstances at no extra cost.

Do I need to sell anything for a Fundraiser or can I just raise donations?

No need to sell anything! You can use the OTS Fundraising site to collect donations. Our research has shown that patrons donate more when they can give money to something specific, so even if you are just raising donations, let your patrons donate to a specific item or cause! For example, if raising funds for a production, give them an option to donate toward Costumes, Scripts, Musicians, Sets, Lights, or whatever else you need!

How do I make my fundraising effective?

People are more likely to donate to people, rather than just an organization. Make your fundraising efforts personal by utilizing our Team Approach, where every member gets their own fundraising page, URL Link, and QR Code. 

How do I market my fundraising efforts?

On The Stage utilizes your contact list and integrated social media accounts to help promote your fundraising efforts! While it always helps to add to your website and promote locally, you will have the tools and resources necessary to make it easy for your patrons to support you and your organization. 

Can I do a fundraising campaign that is not listed in the On The Stage fundraising list?

You sure can! Our Fundraising Suite is robust and flexible, so you can build fully-customizable campaigns to execute all your fundraising ideas. 

How much does it cost to run a fundraiser through On The Stage?

Your earnings are yours, and yours alone. On The Stage does not take any percentage of what you fundraise for your program. We also do not mandate any limitations on how much you can raise. Our mindset is geared towards the benefits of those who partner with us. For that reason, we feel it’s important to provide the opportunity to maximize your fundraising with absolutely no cost to your program. That way, you can put it all towards what matters most- your program!

“We made at least $5,000 more than we ever had because it was so easy to hold fundraisers, sell program ads, and sell tickets.”
James Faurote • Producing Artistic Director
“From fundraising to ticketing and social media integration, we are very pleased with the product and our customers seem to like it as well.”
Joel Smith • Theatre Teacher
“Loved it! Thanks for making everything easy.”
Brian Williams • Robbinsville High School Music Department