Off-season for your theatre program doesn’t mean fundraising efforts should take the next few months off, too. On The Stage offers a streamlined plan to put your theatre ahead of the game next season.

The sun’s out, pools are lively again, school is quiet, and your theatre is likely in the off season. It might seem like time to take a step back and unwind- but with a little extra summer fundraising, you can get ahead and alleviate significant stress of the upcoming season. Summer is the perfect time to organize a fundraising effort- with half of the usual day-to-day priorities and more energy to allocate to the campaign, you’ll certainly be grateful when September rolls around.

With the right planning and fresh ideas, summertime funding campaigns can be fun and easy. Gather families, friends, cast and crew members together for a day of fun, all the while saving for a stellar fall season.

To help get your wheels turning, we’ve put together some of our favorite ideas for fundraising campaigns, which fit perfectly into the summer fun. And don’t worry- you can plan these poolside!

Inside You’ll Find

  • Pro-Tips on Planning a Successful Summer Fundraiser
  • A List of Several Evergreen Campaign Ideas
  • Straightforward Strategies and Best Practices
  • And more!

All it takes is a little extra cash flow to make all the difference for your theatre. Ensure your fall productions are a success by getting started today! Download your free copy of our Summer Fundraising Ideas- you’ll thank yourself later!

If you’re interested in learning more about On The Stage’s Fundraising Suite, be sure to book a personalized demo, and see how you can boost your program’s funding for the upcoming season.


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Download your free copy of this helpful infographic filled with our favorite ideas for fundraising campaigns.

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