Immersive & Commercial Theatre

Discover the next-generation Box Office and Booking platform designed to engage high-volume audiences, augment the breadth of your organization, and take your patron experience to the next level

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Increase Revenue Per Customer

Improve your conversion rates and increase total revenue per customer with OTS. Our optimized purchase paths increase ticket bundle upsell and add-ons, while reducing drop off in the purchase process.

Patron Data Insights

Rather than relying on 3rd party platforms to reach potential audiences, you have complete access to your ticket buyer data with OTS. Build direct relationships with your patrons and remarket efficiently using past behavior to increase lifetime value.

Seamless Booking Workflow

Whether you are looking for high traffic, timed-entry attraction or wanting to sell out an intimate venue setting, OTS has options for you. Our platform puts an optimized booking flow at the heart of the ticket buying experience.

Commercial Theatres

Founded by Tony Award-winning producer Hunter Arnold, On The Stage was built to meet the specific needs of performing arts. With options for an integrated ticketing experience within your current website or configurable stand alone sites, OTS provides multiple opportunities to engage with your patrons and grow your audience.

Equipped with advanced ticketing options, box office best practices, marketing tools, customization to meet your individual needs, and robust reporting, we handle it all so you can allocate your time to focus on your productions.

Immersive Experiences

Our Enterprise platform was specifically designed to meet the needs of high traffic, multi-performance, timed entry experiences. With an integrated approach to ticketing and upsells, we help enterprise customers optimize their purchase paths and increase the percentage of patrons purchasing upsells by 15%, resulting in higher revenue and increased patron engagement.

OTS is disrupting the industry by giving our customers full transparency and access to their patron data. Gone are the days of relying on ticketing platforms to reach your patrons. With OTS you can access your ticket buyers, understand their buying trends, nurture them with ongoing outreach, and continually grow your database.


Increase Conversion Rates with Mobile Optimized Purchase Paths

OTS enables you to not only provide your patrons a frictionless ticketing experience, but also optimize the ticket buying process. Easily increase conversion rates with our user experience design that includes specific purchase paths to prioritize upgrades and optimize for conversions even for time entry events.

Increase Revenue Through Ticket Bundles and Upsell

Easily increase your patrons’ Average Basket Value (ABV) by strategically offering upsell opportunities, including concession add-ons, merchandise, and VIP experiences. With OTS you can increase the percentage of total revenue that comes from add-ons and bundles by up to 7x the industry average.

Build Direct Relationships with Your Patrons

Unlike other ticketing platforms, OTS gives you full transparency and direct access to your ticket buyer’s data. Not only can you easily track ticket sales, you can also collect contact information to nurture patrons and target with curated messaging for future opportunities.

Lower Your Cost to Acquire Customers

By investing in first-party data and gathering insights into your ticket buyers, you can nurture patrons using smart lists built on insights, and provide ongoing communications, growing your database and lowering your cost to acquire customers over time.

“OTS has been a true partner as we prepared to launch ticketing for our latest immersive experience. When we went on sale, we saw a material increase in upsells including our VIP packages thanks to their seamless booking and purchase flows, which had a big impact on overall sales!”
Frank Saunders • Box Office Manager, Labyrinth Productions, Alice’s Adventures Underground