Grow Your Audience with Digital Performances

Reach a wider audience and increase engagement with Livestream, Video on Demand, or Zoom productions. As a standalone option or combined with an in-person event, digital performances provide a new way for your audience to support your program, wherever they are.

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Bring the show to your audience anytime, anywhere

Share your productions in a way that works best for your patrons. In person? Livestream? Video on Demand (VOD)? A combination? We’ve got you covered! On the Stage (OTS) offers a complete solution for all your digital performance needs.

  • Expand your audience reach by offering digital performance options to patrons who would otherwise be unable to attend
  • Generate new revenue streams by reaching a broader audience
  • Provide an accessible solution for a distributed patron base through hybrid, Livestream, VOD, or Zoom productions tools
  • Increase patron engagement with unique viewing options and real-time engagement tools

With OTS, you can bring your productions to your audiences anytime, wherever they may be.


Expand your performance options for live and virtual audiences with Livestreaming

OTS offers multiple options for streaming your live performances and engaging with a broader audience. Whether you simulcast your live show or offer a pre-recorded version at specific times, let virtual audiences see your performances and support your organization. 

Livestream can easily be captured with any iOS device and provides an accessible solution to shows with a distributed patron base. With ticket-gated access and a dedicated show website for online sales and live viewing, you can give your remote audiences the feeling of being at your venue and seeing your show live. 

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Reach a wider audience and increase your audience engagement with Video on Demand

Our flexible Video on Demand (VOD) viewing window enables you to sell more tickets and reach those who would otherwise be unable to attend. By offering VOD, you can not only reach wider (and new) audiences but also keep your existing audience engaged year-round.

With OTS, it’s easy to offer your patrons pre-recorded or Encore performances of your organization’s productions with ticket-gated access to content and easy-to-follow viewing instructions. 

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Offer live Zoom productions or readings to your patron base

Give your patrons innovative production options that keep them engaged and returning for more. Utilizing Zoom is a low-cost solution that gives your audiences new ways to experience your productions and can quickly generate more revenue for your organization. 

Have cast members in different locations? Want to put on a live show with no venue? Connect a fully-remote cast through Zoom and share your performance online. OTS provides a Zoom license, at no additional cost, with built-in best practices and a scheduler. Online rehearsals, cast member communications, and audience interactions are not only possible with OTS, but easy!

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Make your remote audience part of the show by using real-time engagement tools

With so many options for patrons, keeping your organization front and center with digital options allows you to drive engagement and loyalty. Your patrons want to support your organization and be part of your community. OTS can help without real-time engagement tools. 

Once your remote audience is viewing your productions and most engaged, enable live donations, share your digital show program, and encourage comments and dialogue through an audience-facing live chat function. With OTS, you have the tools to engage with patrons near and far successfully. 

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Broaden your audience

Offering streaming and VOD for your productions allows patrons, friends, and family who are not local or unable to attend in person to support your shows, cast, and crew from any location, at any time. This is a great way to grow your patron base. In fact, 43% of digital performance audiences are new patrons of the organization*.


Engage your patrons

Find more ways to engage with your patrons, create a community, and increase loyalty. Recreate the feeling of being at a live performance for your remote supporters by offering digital performances with live chat and real-time donations.


Increase revenue and generate more funds

Did you know on average 10% of digital audiences add donations on top of the standard ticket price*? Expanding your reach to remote supporters can generate more funds for your organization and grow your patron base.


Product Category FAQs

What options does On The Stage provide for digital performances?

There are multiple options available for digital performances via On The Stage. We offer Livestreaming with a recorded or live feed of your show, Video On Demand (VOD) which allows you to stream a pre-recorded performance for a period of time with each patron getting a 24- hour key to watch the production, and finally, a Zoom production which allows you to stream performers from multiple locations to your audience for a Streaming performance.

Why is it important to incorporate digital performances in your strategy? 

Adding digital performance options via Livestreaming or Video-on-Demand (VOD) allows you to reach a wider audience and engage with patrons who would otherwise be unable to attend. Studies show 65% of patrons who purchase and attend a digital performance then attend a live performance in the future. 

What equipment do I need to run a digital performance? 

There are two choices for your organization to make about livestreaming your performance. 

On The Stage’s preferred Digital Performances are powered by Switcher Studio, compatible with iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. On The Stage can provide you support in utilizing this platform and connecting it to the On The Stage Platform.

If you choose a DIY production, you will be provided the appropriate streaming key to connect to our platform. You will need to ensure that the platform you choose works with the cameras, audio equipment, and video software you have available. On The Stage can only provide support information on the On The Stage streaming key and connection status. We do not have access to or knowledge of the third-party systems you may choose to use. If you cannot gain access to the third-party system, we can switch your production to a Switcher Studio Production up to 24 hours before the event. 

How much does it cost to use OTS for digital performances?

There is a minimum $50 cost for streaming services with On The Stage, that can be offset by ticket sales. Once your organization sells 50 tickets to  your livestream/VOD event the cost is deferred by your ticket sales.  

Can I add a digital performance later? 

Yes! You can add a livestream to your in-person performance and expand your audience reach. In order to properly test the system, we recommend that this decision be made no later than 1 week prior to the performance. 

How can I use Digital performances to grow my patron engagement?

Digital performances are a great way to engage your patron base between staged productions/performances. By sharing encore VOD performances, doing staged readings of new or classic works via Zoom, or livestreaming performances of your master classes or training groups, you can involve your patrons in all aspects of your company and keep top of mind for them. 

“On The Stage rejuvenated my passion for music education and for producing performances! Their “Video On Demand” feature was exactly what I was looking for to produce performances while maintaining safety and protecting the health of my students and the community.”
Ted Willis • Teacher, Cedar Creek Middle School