Enhance your overall patron experience and maximize your profits without having to increase ticket prices

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Add-ons play an important role in bolstering your overall production profits and your organization’s brand reputation. With the OTS Add-on feature, you can easily provide your patrons with any type of supplemental offering outside of your standard ticket right within the purchase process. And in doing so, you will maximize the dollars you generate on every order to keep your theatre thriving while at the same time providing an elevated and memorable theatrical experience for your patrons.

Not only do you have the opportunity to increase your revenue without having to increase ticket prices, but add-ons are a fun way to get creative and engage with your audience! You can offer items that improve your venue efficiency (parking, early seating, concession packages, etc.), exclusive experiences (cast meet and greets, talkbacks, etc.), show-specific merchandise (elf hats for Elf, poker chips for Guys and Dolls, etc.) – the sky really is the limit!


Impress your patrons with any type of non-ticket item you can think up and increase your revenue while you’re at it!

Simple Redemption

Add-on items can be easily redeemed via QR code, making it a breeze to fulfill and track performance.

Easy Set-Up

Create as many add-ons as you wish and customize with your own pricing, descriptions, photos, variants, and more.

Customized to Your Needs

You are limited only by your imagination when deciding what add-ons will bring the most value to your patrons.

Boost Purchases with Offers

Use add-ons with our offers functionality to encourage patrons to buy specific items within the purchase process.

Improve Venue Efficiency

Create add-ons that enable smoother experiences and help to increase venue efficiency, such as VIP parking, pre-sales of concessions, advance entry times, and more.

Increase Average Order Value

By providing additional non-ticket items for sale, you will increase the average order value resulting in more revenue generated without the need to increase ticket prices.

Enhance the Overall Patron Experience

By providing thoughtful, relevant add-ons, your audience will have a memorable experience with your organization that will keep them coming back for more.

Increase Revenue without Increasing Ticket Prices

With the addition of supplemental non-ticket items, you can secure your organization’s financial future while keeping your tickets affordable.