Fundraising Campaigns

Raise funds for your organization, specific events, upcoming productions, trips, classes, or items you need so you can further your creative endeavors and deliver boundless art

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Your organization makes the Arts look easy, but making it look easy can be costly. With a library of ready-to-use campaign templates and the option to create fully-customizable campaigns, our Fundraising Suite empowers you to build momentum on day one. 

Our dedicated fundraising webpages house campaigns with features like registry-style wishlists, automated emails, and social media capabilities. You can also use individual fundraising pages with unique URLs and QR codes to leverage your cast and crew. Looking for ideas and inspiration? Our Account Managers are happy to share examples of successful campaigns.


Raise funds and drive donor support through ready-to-use and custom targeted campaigns

Ready-to-Use Campaign Templates

Access our extensive library of campaign templates that incorporate best practices and can be launched in minutes.

Fully Customizable

Use OTS to build custom campaigns. From selling cookies, donuts, and wrapping paper online to car washes, ad sales, and Master Classes, the options are endless.

Dedicated Fundraising Website

Automatically generate a public-facing fundraising website and share easily with QR codes and donation feeds.

Personalized Team Member Campaign Sites

Leverage cast and crew to expand fundraising with member-specific webpages, individual URLs, and QR codes.

Automated Emails

Engage supporters and activate previous donors through automated promotional emails.

Social Media Integration

Connect your fundraising campaigns with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to easily reach your audience and raise funds.

Flexible Item Pricing

Pick your items and set your prices. Our Fundraising Suite is fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

No Cost

100% of donations made are passed on directly to your organization.

Registry-Style Wishlists

Donors give more when they know what they are paying for. Set up a registry and let sponsors donate to specific items, like Dorthy’s Red Slippers, that are needed to make your production everything it should be!

Fundraising Contests

Add a little friendly competition to your fundraising efforts. Let your cast and crew compete to raise the most money with individual webpages and a team leaderboard.

Concession Campaigns

Give ticket buyers the option to pre-purchase concessions prior to the night of the show.

Voting by Donation

Looking to raise funds and get your community involved? Let your supporters vote on your upcoming show or a walk-up part in your next production.