Ticket Buyer Outreach

Engage with your audience easily and efficiently through pre-show, post-show, and ongoing communications

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Discover a comprehensive suite of outreach and marketing tools that enable you to engage with your audience and grow your patron base. With tools that include automated marketing emails, social media and Mailchimp integrations, posters and flyers, a customizable patron database, and more, you’ll have access to everything you need for successful ticket buyer outreach.


Grow Engagement and Create Patrons for Life with Ticket Buyer Outreach

Automated Marketing Emails

Conveniently engage with your audience through full HTML email templates following industry best practices maximizing conversions.

Social Media Integrations

Seamlessly connect to top social media platforms – including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok – and automate a series of engaging content with a few clicks.

Posters and Flyers

Promote your production with traditional posters and flyers that include a QR code and customizable URL to drive patrons to your production site.

Patron Database

Keep track of all your patrons in a database created from ticket sales, in-person at the box office, and through list uploads.

Pre-Show Engagement

Ensure your patrons don’t miss out on upcoming show information with automated pre-show emails and surveys.

Post-Show Communications

Just because your show is over, that doesn’t mean you should stop engaging with your patrons. OTS makes it easy with post-show emails and surveys that will give you insights to inform your future strategy.

Nurture Patron Relationships

Create an ever-growing and loyal patron base through ongoing promotions and fundraising content sent through the OTS.

Mailchimp Integration

With automatic patron tagging that feeds directly to Mailchimp, you can expand your reach and create targeted emails based on patron behavior.