Increase Ticket Sales with Marketing and Promotional Tools

Generate awareness, increase conversions, and sell more tickets with a comprehensive marketing suite

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Support all your marketing and promotion needs with one robust platform

Looking to drive community engagement and increase ticket sales? On The Stage (OTS) offers best-in-class marketing and promotional tools across social, digital, email, print, and traditional channels that are built on unparalleled industry expertise.

  • Grow awareness of your program through social platform integrations, email marketing, targeted marketing campaigns, and show art
  • Increase conversion rates and sell more tickets through Broadway-style show sites or a customizable ticketing widget embedded on your website
  • Nurture and grow your patron base with ticket buyer outreach, patron relationship management, engagement tools, reports, and insights
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness by seamlessly integrating OTS with social platforms and marketing automation tools

Our consolidated platform has everything you need to successfully market your productions and generate more revenue.


Grow Engagement and Create Patrons for Life with Ticket Buyer Outreach

Discover a comprehensive suite of outreach and marketing tools that enables you to engage with your audience and grow your patron base through pre-show, post-show, and ongoing communications coupled with insights for optimization.

With tools that include automated marketing emails, social media and Mailchimp integrations, posters and flyers, a customizable patron database, and more, you’ll have access to everything you need for successful patron outreach.

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Immerse Your Audience in Your Production Before The Show Night with Professional Websites

Create a professional experience for your patrons before they even step foot in the theatre with professional production and organization sites. The best part? You can create a site without any extra cost, time, or development expertise.

We offer Broadway-standard templates for organization websites that list productions, fundraising campaigns, subscription packages, and donations; as well as show sites with show production information, ticket sales, cast bios, merch sales, and more.

Our sites have a user-friendly content editor with customized color schemes, options to use your own artwork, or an extensive, ever-growing library of show art templates for over 800 common show titles to use across your promotions. 

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Understand your ticket buyers so you can reach them at the right time with the right message to increase sales and create programming that captivates your audience

Harness the power of data-driven marketing with our Patron Relationship Management tools. Armed with patron data, you can easily create targeted, effective campaigns that resonate with your audience, driving engagement, loyalty, and, ultimately, revenue.

With our custom fields for patron profiles, you’re able to collect whatever additional information you’d like to retain on your patrons. When used in conjunction with our post-purchase and post-show surveys, you can identify the types of shows your patrons resonate with, what types of promotions appeal to them, and so much more. Patrons are also automatically tagged within the OTS platform each time they make a purchase or donation. You can even export your patron lists for use in other platforms, including robust marketing automation tools and social media outlets.

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Measure the Success of Your Marketing Efforts with Real-Time Reporting and Insights

Keep track of all your marketing and ticket sales with our on-demand dashboards and reports. You can easily analyze ticket and merchandise sales, donations and fundraising, revenue on both sales and production dates, as well as sales reporting by source.

Utilize these insights to measure your efforts, optimize your processes, and inform your future strategy. These reports also streamline the process for finance and administration teams.

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Level up your marketing efforts and gain valuable insights with key integrations

Enhance targeted marketing efforts and amplify the capabilities of the On The Stage (OTS) platform by integrating your social media profiles, web analytics tools, and email marketing utilities. Through enhanced analytics, seamless automation, and cross-platform data-sharing, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your audience to craft compelling marketing initiatives that effectively increase conversion rates, allow you to provide tailored experiences for your patrons, and boost sales.

With various integration options including Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, and leading social platforms. OTS makes it easy to connect with third-party tools to increase efficiency and audience engagement.

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Connect Your Patrons to Your Production with Showgram, our Program Generator

With our proprietary program generator, Showgram, you can easily create printed or digital programs accessible to patrons of all ages. Fill your program with your show information, including cast headshots and bios, with one click, or use our easy-to-use editor for fully customizable designs. Each program also comes with a QR code to share with your audience. Get the impact of a Broadway marketing team without the high costs.

You can also generate additional funds for your organization by selling advertisements in your program and providing recognition for your board, administrators, sponsors, volunteers, cast, and crew. Save time and money with Showgram, while professionalizing your patron experience.

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Increase Ticket Sales by 20-25%

OTS customers increase ticket sales by at least 20% when utilizing our email and social media marketing tools. With built-in best-practices, our platform makes it easy for organizations to promote upcoming events, increase awareness, generate more community support, and sell more tickets! When coupled with our robust booking tools, you can streamline audience engagement by reducing clicks 50% leading to an increase in conversion rates, which ultimately results in more tickets sold!


Sell More Tickets with Flexible Ticketing Options

With options for general admission, reserved seating, pricing by section, promo codes, dinner theatre choices, VIP Packages, and more, there is no limit to how you can ticket your production with our highly configurable platform.

Flexible ticketing options coupled with our suite of marketing and promotion tools give you everything you need to promote your show and sell more tickets.


Grow Your Marketable Patron Database Through Buyer Outreach

Engage with previous patrons and upload new contacts for ongoing promotions via automated email and social media marketing tools. With easy-to-use resources and full HTML email templates, there is no limit to your outreach. We also provide traditional posters and flyers with a customizable URL to drive patrons to your show site, where they can purchase tickets and merchandise or donate to your organization. 


Activate and Automate Social Media Promotions

We provide connections to the top social media platforms and automate a series of engaging content that drives patrons right to your production site. You can quickly build an online presence and generate more awareness and support for your organization, resulting in more revenue and funding.

Product Category FAQs

Can I use On The Stage to market and promote non-theatrical events?

You sure can! Our platform is built to work intuitively for theatre productions, musical concerts, dance recitals, award shows, live events, camp/class registration, and more. In addition to theatres of all sizes, we regularly work with dance and prom committees, special events, sporting events, and cheer/dance/color guard competitions, just to name a few. You can also use OTS for registration to support classes, camps, events, and more.

Can I link my OTS site to social media?

Yes! You can easily link your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter business accounts to the On The Stage platform to automate promotions for your upcoming events and fundraisers. This will also connect your production and organization sites to connect a branded online presence and increase audience engagement seamlessly.

What is the difference between a production site and an organization site?

Your Production site is where you can learn more about a specific production or event. Through your production site you can offer tickets, merchandise and opportunities to donate to support the program.

Your organization site is a hub for promoting all your individual productions, your organization, and your brand. It’s your online home, with a URL that remains consistent no matter what show you’re working on at any given moment. There, patrons can buy tickets to any show in your season, subscription packages, merchandise for all your productions, and stay update on organizational news and opportunities.

How long does it take to build a show site?

OTS Production sites require just a few pieces of information to get your ticket sales started and can be launched in under 5 minutes! Once published, you can continue to work on and add to your production site to give your patrons a great preview into the production and develop your Showgram (OTS proprietary program generator) to be used for any show or event you’re producing.

Can I choose my own domain name with an OTS show or org site?

OTS will purchase and host a custom domain for all Empower Plan customers, which we will point to your OTS Organization site. If you would prefer to switch your current hosting provider you can work with your Account Manager to make this change.

Can I use my own graphics and show art?

Absolutely! Just upload your files using the specs we provide. If you need help resizing your art or customizing our show images, our Account Managers can help engage our graphic designers for a managed service agreement.

I already have a website. Can I still use OTS for ticketing?

Absolutely! Embed the ticketing experience right within your own site. Our embeddable ticketing widget allows your patrons to continue to engage with you and your organization without leaving your destination site.

Can patrons opt out of email blasts?

Yes. Our marketing emails adhere to regulations, compliance, and industry standards, that include giving recipients the option to opt out of receiving marketing email communications. 

What type of marketing materials does On The Stage offer?

On The Stage generates posters, flyers, and digital images from your show site artwork. You can use them online or print physical copies for your cast, crew and audience. Our comprehensive suite of marketing and promotion tools also includes email and social media marketing to expand your reach and engage with your audience.

“Your website changed the way we do shows and we made at least $5,000 more than we ever had because it was so easy to hold fundraisers, sell program ads, and sell tickets.”
James Faurote • Producing Artistic Director, Center Stage Youth Theatre
“Thank you for making this process so stress-free and supporting me along the way as I learned how to use it. Everything went smoothly with our first production using On The Stage and elevated our program to the next level. I am impressed with the ease of the site builder, the customer support, and the user-friendly nature of the program. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Adrienne Bogarde Roach • Drama Director
“Your platform was a lifesaver. We had an amazing amount of ticket sales in a very short time.”
Hallee Altman • Long Lots Elementary School