Seating Charts

Build an accurate replica of your venue and allow your patrons to select their seats with ease and confidence

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From proscenium shows, theatre-in-the-round, sports stadiums, galas, and more, give your ticket buyers an accurate replica of your seating chart no matter how unique the configuration may be. With our easy-to-use Seating Chart Editor, you can create sections, levels, and tables, no matter what the shape may be! There is no limit to what you can create with On The Stage (OTS)!

Our user-friendly editor includes a drag-and-drop seating chart builder so you can quickly build your seating charts without extra training. Don’t have time? No worries! We can build a seating chart of your venue for you. 


No matter your seating configuration, our system can support all arrangements including non-traditional seating and multi-level venues

Flexible Designer

Use text and shapes to accurately depict your venue. Add multiple levels and stages, name sections, customize aisles, add notes to seats, include exits, and more!

Tiered Pricing

Offer variable pricing based on seat, section, or show. Help your patrons easily understand the pricing tiers during the ticket buying process with color-coded seating.

Any Venue and Event Type

From auditoriums to cabaret seating arrangements, classrooms to stadiums, the OTS Seating Chart Editor works for any venue or event type.

Create multiple seating charts

With OTS, you can build, clone, and save multiple seating charts based on your individual needs and preferences.

Curved Rows

Have curved rows? No problem! The OTS Seating Chart Editor offers the ability to curve rows to match your venue configuration.

Custom Seat Spacing

Not all seats are the same, which is why with OTS, you can set custom seat spacing. You can even depict ADA seating options accurately on your seating chart.


While robust enough to accommodate any venue, the OTS Seating Chart Editor is so easy to use anyone on your team can build a venue in minutes.

Non-Traditional Seating

Need to create a unique seating experience that is unlike anything you’ve seen before? With OTS, you can create any type of seating required no matter how complex.