Reporting and Insights

Keep track of your marketing efforts, audience engagement, and ticket sales with on-demand dashboards and reports.

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With accessible dashboards and reports, you can easily analyze ticket and merchandise sales, donations and fundraising, audience engagement on your social channels, and revenue. Utilize these insights to measure your efforts, optimize your processes, and inform your future strategy, all while streamlining the process for finance and administration teams.


Measure the Success of Your Marketing Efforts with Real-Time Reporting and Insights

Automatically Generated with Real-Time Data

Get the latest updates and insights with data updated in real-time and reports that are automatically generated within the OTS platform, saving you time and effort.

20+ Off-the-Shelf Reports

Access more than 20 ready-to-use reports with a single click built for all stakeholders spanning marketing, finance, operations, and administration.

Production Sales Dashboards

Readily understand your ticket sales, donations, and merchandise orders.

Exportable Reports

View and export detailed reports of all the transactions and records associated with your production.

Revenue Reporting

Obtain insights from various revenue reports with options to view by sales, date, production, source, and more.

Post-Purchase and Post-Show Surveys

Gain invaluable insights into your audience’s preferences and feedback with post-purchase and post-show surveys.

Event Level Reporting

Get detailed reporting about specific upcoming performances to understand the accommodations needed, prepare your FOH staff, and give patrons a world-class experience.

Google Analytics & Meta Pixel Integration

Easily understand your patron’s purchase journey by integrating with Google Analytics and using Meta Pixel.