Patron Relationship Management

Understand your audience to grow and nurture a loyal patron base

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Engaging with patrons is critical to the growth and ongoing success of performing arts organizations. OTS offers a variety of patron relationship management tools that empower you with data, patron information, and insights you need to generate new interest, nurture your existing patron relationships, and everything in between.


Better Understand Your Audience and Take Your Patron Relationship Management to New Heights

Custom Fields

Track any and all information you need about your patrons for better personalization and more refined targeting.

Bulk Upload

Easily import information from any source into the OTS platform, making it easier than ever to switch to OTS!

Exportable Patron Lists

OTS makes it easy to export your contact lists to use across other tools so you can easily segment your audience to meet your specific marketing and engagement needs.

Patron Purchase and Journey Insights

Track your audience’s engagement and develop a deeper understanding of their purchase journey by utilizing Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, and OTS reporting.