On-Demand Merchandise

Discover a hands-off revenue stream you can set and forget with custom merchandise.

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With On The Stage (OTS), you can design merchandise with customizable art or use our expansive library of ready-to-use creative. You can set your prices, produce orders on-demand, and drop ship straight to your buyer. Gone are the days of running out of items, worrying about order quantities, managing inventory, and getting stuck with unsold merchandise.


Generate Incremental Revenue for Your Organization with Drop-Ship Merchandise

Items are Produced On-Demand

Say goodbye to the days of running out of items or dealing with unsold inventory.

Drop-Ship Directly to Patrons

Gone are the days of managing inventory and storing items. OTS offers drop-shipping directly to your patrons.

Variety of Item Types

From sweatshirts to water bottles, totes to mugs, and more, give your patrons a wide selection of items to purchase.

Set Your Price

With OTS you set your prices to define profit and generate additional funding for your org.

Custom Designs

Have your own artwork? Showcase your custom design or your organization’s brand.

Library of Show Art

Use our database of professional show art to create your merchandise with one click.

Merchandise Promotions

Increase merch sales by hosting a store on your show or organization sites and include it in your show program.

Expand Reach and Raise Awareness

By selling merchandise to patrons, cast members, crew and fans, you now have a slew of walking billboards promoting your work.