Custom Fees

Supplement your operational costs and offset expenses with custom fees

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Production and operating costs continue to rise and organizations need to get creative with new innovative strategies to bring in more revenue and offset some of the cost. With our custom fees feature, you can add a fee to any or all of your ticket sales that will supplement your budget to cover everything from maintenance, historical preservation, COVID cleaning fees, venue fees, facility improvements, educational outreach, visiting artist fees, and more.


Offset rising operational costs with custom fees

Customize Your Fees

You set the price, name, and description for your custom fee to meet your specific needs and provide transparency to your ticket buyers.

Integrated into the Purchase Process

Once you set up your custom fee, you can determine what productions will have the fee in line with the rest of the purchase process.

Foster Community Engagement

Allow your patrons to feel like they’re part of something bigger by contributing to historical preservation or education outreach efforts.

Offset Operating Costs

By passing along some of the operating fees to your patrons, you are allowing your organization to continue providing valuable art to the community.