Revenue Accelerators to Ensure Your Organization’s Longevity

Activate non-ticket revenue streams, optimize purchase flows, and maximize your customer lifetime value, all while creating best-in-class patron experiences

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Increase revenue without having to increase ticket prices

To keep making great art for years to come, it’s essential to maximize the dollars coming into your organization. In addition to a robust Booking and Box Office suite, OTS offers revenue-accelerating tools to empower you to generate more revenue per patron and increase your customer lifetime value while at the same time providing a well-rounded and memorable theatrical experience for your audience.

  • Make it easy for patrons to purchase with a seamless purchase journey optimized for mobile devices
  • Create additional revenue streams without increasing ticket prices through custom fees, non-ticket add-ons, merchandise, offers, and upgrades
  • Target your patrons like a pro with filtered booking flows, patron relationship management tools that include custom fields, automatic tagging fed to MailChimp, Google Analytics , and Meta Pixel integration
  • Expand your reach with streaming and video-on-demand performance options
  • Optimized Booking to increase conversion rates and create a seamless purchasing experience for your ticket buyers with a mobile-first focus

At OTS, we not only offer Broadway-caliber tools, but more importantly, we’ve built them into the foundation of our platform so you can achieve the same success as the industry’s best and continue making great art and providing unforgettable patron experiences for years to come.


Entice Ticket Buyers to Upgrade Their Selections and Purchase Add-Ons, Increasing Your AOV and Generating More Revenue

By presenting enticing offers at the point of purchase, organizations can maximize revenue while providing patrons with personalized options tailored to their preferences.

Designed to work with our Add-ons feature, Offers allow you to set conditions that will prompt the patron at checkout to purchase an additional item. The Upgrade feature works hand-in-hand with our Ticket Types and allows you to configure a prompt within the purchase flow to upgrade the ticket type before checkout (think upgrading a regular adult ticket to VIP).

Both features provide your organization with endless possibilities to not only increase your Average Order Value (AOV), contributing to more revenue, but also, and just as importantly, create memorable experiences that will keep your patrons coming back time and time again.

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Drive Sales and Revenue Growth While Catering to Diverse Audience Interests

Filtered booking flows are optimized custom pathways that patrons follow when purchasing tickets or making bookings for specific events or offerings. Unlike a standard booking flow that presents the same options to all users regardless of their preferences or needs, a filtered booking flow tailors the user experience based on predetermined filters or criteria.

When a filtered flow is combined with a targeted customer segment and a compelling offer shown just to this segment, you have a highly targeted workflow that optimizes for conversions, revenue, and top-notch patron experiences!

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Offer Your Patrons Unforgettable Experiences While Boosting Your Profits and Increasing Venue Efficiency

Add-ons offer a valuable avenue for theatres to generate additional income beyond standard admission while fostering a deeper connection with their audience. Patrons can tailor their visit with merchandise from the show, personalized snacks and drinks, VIP experience, advanced seating times, parking, and anything else you can think of. Add-ons are a proven strategy to not only create more revenue but also provide more personalized experiences.

Add-ons also enable smoother experiences and help to increase venue efficiency. Pre-purchased food and beverage packages reduce the lines at the concession stand. Pre-purchase parking expedites the arrival process. Early access and advanced seating windows reduce the wait times at the door…the list goes on and on.

And here’s the best part – as an organization, you will not only provide your patrons with an incredibly memorable night at the theatre, but you will also see increased revenue – without having to raise the price of tickets another penny.

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Generate Passive Revenue at No Cost To Your Organization with On-Demand Merchandise

Discover a hands-off revenue stream that you can set and forget. With On The Stage, you can design merchandise with your custom artwork or use our expansive library of ready-to-use creative. You can set your own prices to define profit, and every individual order is produced on-demand and drop-shipped directly to your buyer. Gone are the days of overbuying merchandise or running out of items, worrying about order quantities, managing inventory, and getting stuck with unsold merchandise.

As with all OTS features, merchandise is built to work seamlessly together with other features. Host a merchandise store on your show and org sites or include it as an add-on during the ticket purchase process. You can also easily promote merch in your marketing efforts and in your Showgram, show program. So what are you waiting for? Generate incremental revenue for your organization beyond ticket sales with merchandise without the hassle.

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Supplement Your Additional Operating Costs and Fund Your Programs with Custom Fees

With production costs on the rise, performing arts organizations need new, innovative ways to bring in revenue. Custom fees are a perfect way to supplement your budget to cover everything from maintenance for your facilities, historical preservation, education funds, visiting artist fees, and more.

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Expand Your Reach by Bringing Your Show to Your Audience Anytime, Anywhere

Reach a wider audience and increase engagement with Livestream, Video on Demand (VOD), or Zoom productions. As a standalone option or combined with an in-person event, digital performances provide a new way for your audience to support your program, wherever they are.

Whether you simulcast your live show, offer a pre-recorded VOD version at specific times, or give your audience digital encore performances, let virtual audiences see your performances, engage with your productions, and support your organization. With real-time engagement tools, you can make your remote audience feel part of the show through live donations, digital show programs, and viewer comments and dialogue through an audience-facing live chat function.

With OTS, you have the tools to engage with patrons near and far successfully.

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Increase revenue and generate more funds

As much as we all wish it weren’t the case – it takes money to keep a theatre running, and that’s exactly what our revenue accelerators do. By incorporating strategic, revenue-generating elements into your ticketing process, you instantly increase your AOV, grow your average customer lifetime value, and generate more funds…all without raising ticket prices.


Provide exceptional experiences

Audience engagement is key to driving additional revenue and ensuring your theatre is around for the long haul. With these revenue accelerators, you not only provide a safety net to keep the lights on but also provide your patrons with best-in-class experiences.


Grow your patron base

By providing additional options to tailor their experience with your organization, you not only increase your funding, but ultimately create a reputation that will keep patrons coming back again, purchase subscriptions, and donate funds.

“You’ve truly thought of everything and I am so happy we partnered with you last year. Our box office volunteers had so much fun checking people in, they wanted to come back the next two nights!!”
Lauren Warner • Theatre Director
“Everything went smoothly with our first production using On The Stage and elevated our program to the next level.”
Adrienne Bogarde Roach • Drama Director
“Great platform. Very user-friendly.”
Larissa Hardesty • LKO Arts Boosters