Ongoing Fundraising

Launch year-round campaigns that are simple to set up and produce fantastic results time and time again

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There are multiple paths to engage patrons for financial support and increase funds. If you’re looking for an all-in-one, simple-to-use solution, you’re in the right place. The On The Stage (OTS) Fundraising Suite enables you to efficiently and effectively create lifelong supporters.

Give your supporters numerous opportunities to make donations through your organization’s website, individual show sites, and dedicated fundraising campaigns, as well as during the ticket-buying process. With OTS, patrons can make a one-time donation, set up recurring contributions, purchase branded merchandise, and engage with your specific campaign efforts. With automated emails and social media integrations, ensuring ongoing support has never been easier.


Discover ongoing donations made easy and experience year-round fundraising for your program

Customizable Organization Donation Website

Set up a dedicated website for your organization where you can share all upcoming shows, promote fundraising campaigns, and grow your donor base.

One Time Donations

Patrons can make one-off donations any time using the Donate button on all show sites. They can also choose to donate during the ticketing checkout process and while watching livestreamed events.

Recurring Donations

Convert one-time donors into ongoing supporters by offering recurring donations. OTS makes it easy to set up and automatically processes the amount they selected.

Branded Company Merchandise

Make incremental revenue above your ticketing income by offering company or past production merchandise. Whether as standalone sales on your org site or during the ticket buying process, give your patrons the option to buy branded swag.

Donor Outreach

Make communicating with your supporters stress-free with automated emails and social media integrations. With OTS, amplifying your fundraising efforts and engaging with donors is easy.

Campaign Capital Fund Templates

Launch ready-to-use templates or customized campaigns before, during, and after your production to generate incrementally and encourage ongoing donations.

All Payment Types

Allow your patrons to make donations anytime online via credit card. For in-person interactions, give your supporters the option of card, cash or check.

Individual Fundraising Sites

Individualized fundraising sites for each of your organization members. Create friendly internal competition tracked through your fundraising leaderboard.