Offers and Upgrades

Provide opportunities for your ticket buyers to purchase non-ticket items or upgrade their tickets within the purchase process

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Built seamlessly into the ticket buying process, the Offer feature encourages patrons to enhance their experience by upgrading ticket selections or purchasing non-ticket add-on items like merch, concessions, parking, etc. at checkout. By presenting enticing offers at the point of purchase, organizations can maximize revenue while providing patrons with personalized options tailored to their preferences.

Designed to work with our Add-ons feature, Offers allow you to set up conditions that will prompt the patron at checkout to purchase an additional item. For instance, you can set a condition that if a patron is checking out but does not have VIP parking in their cart, you can configure an offer to pop up and ask them if they would like to add it. With Add-ons and Offers you are limited only by your imagination, but for more ideas, be sure to check out our blog post on creative strategies to maximize profits with add-ons, while at the same time enriching the patrons’ experience and creating memories to last a lifetime.

The Upgrade feature works hand-in-hand with our ticket types and allows you to configure a prompt within the purchase flow for patrons to upgrade their ticket before checkout (think upgrading a regular adult ticket to VIP).


Increasing your average order value to generate more revenue while making sure your patrons make the most of their experience!

Offer Prioritization

Determine what offer you want your patrons to see first. With OTS, it’s easy to prioritize your various offers, so regardless of what is in your patron’s shopping cards, they can always be presented with an offer or upgrade.

Customizable Conditions for Pop-Ups

Determine when and why a ticket buyer should be prompted with an add-on or upgrade. OTS is built to meet your unique needs.

Production-Specific Options

Configure your offers specifically for each production based on your audiences’ preferences to ensure for optimal conversions.