All Your Booking and Box Office Tools in a Single Platform

Elevate your patron experience, streamline your box office process, and simplify ticket sales with our comprehensive Booking, Box Office, and Front-of-House suite of tools

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Empower your front-of-house and box office team members with an all-in-one solution

Establishing box office best practices is essential for your organization’s success. On The Stage (OTS) makes your front-of-house experience memorable for all the right reasons.

  • Simplify ticket sales with flexible ticket types, promo codes, subscriptions/flex passes, printed and/or digital tickets, and more
  • Increase purchase conversion rates with a robust ticket widget embedded directly on your site, increase conversion rates 35% and providing a best-in-class user experience
  • Elevate your patron experience with accurate seating charts, ticket scanning, mobile-friendly e-tickets, promo codes, and expedited entry times
  • Multiple options to pay with online and at the box office with cash, check, credit card, GooglePay, and Apple Pay
  • Streamline your processes by managing all your box office needs in one consolidated portal

Set the stage for patron engagement from the first interaction. All the world’s a stage; so is your front of house.


All your box office needs in one consolidated tool

The OTS Box Office Portal professionalizes the Front-of-House experience for your patrons and streamlines your Box Office processes, resulting in a more efficient and elevated experience.

Whether you’re looking to sell by cash, check, or credit card, redeem subscriptions at the door, easily refund tickets anytime, process ticket donations, quickly lookup orders, or access real-time reporting, you can manage all your box office needs all in one robust, yet easy-to-use tool.

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Increase Ticket Sales by 20-25% with On The Stage

Driving ticket sales growth takes work, but with OTS, the ticket sales experience is optimized for conversion by sales channel. With flexible features, you can host gated pre-sales events, general admission, and reserved seating types with pricing by section, promo code, and subscription packages. Whether you’re looking to sell tickets for live, streamed, or video-on-demand events, OTS can help. 

Our embeddable ticket widget, built on Broadway best practices, eliminates barriers, streamlines the purchasing process, and enhances conversion rates. By embedding the ticket widget directly onto your website, patrons can seamlessly purchase tickets without navigating away to a separate page or site. Fewer clicks mean higher conversions and lower drop off, leading to more sales and a better ticket buyer experience…a win-win for all! 

We also offer a suite of marketing and promotional QR Code enabled tools that help generate awareness of your organization and spread the word about your upcoming shows. 

From theatre productions, musical performances, and dance recitals to galas, sporting events, classes, and conferences, increase your ticket sales with OTS today!

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Elevate the Ticket Buying Experience and Increase Conversion Rates with a Customizable Ticketing Widget Embedded on Your Website

Our embeddable ticket widget eliminates barriers, streamlines the purchasing process, and increases conversion rates. By embedding the ticket widget within your page, patrons can seamlessly purchase tickets directly on your site without navigating away to a separate page. Fewer clicks mean higher conversions and lower drop-off.

Customers who use the OTS widget have decreased clicks by 50% and increased conversion rates by 35%! This translates into increased ticket sales, more revenue generation, and an overall better experience for your patrons…a win-win for all!

With customization to match your brand, options for a show list view or a calendar view populated in real-time, dynamic data with color-coded availability flags to drive urgency, ApplePay and GooglePay for a mobile-optimized experience, and more, this robust ticket widget has everything you need to streamline the purchase process and elevate the buying experience!

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Create an accurate replica of your venue

From proscenium shows, theatre-in-the-round, sports stadiums, galas with table seating, and more, give your ticket buyers an accurate replica of your seating chart no matter how unique the configuration may be. Our easy-to-use Seating Chart Editor allows you to create sections, levels, and tables, no matter the shape! Curve rows, name sections, customize aisles, add exits, and price by section. There is no limit to what you can create with OTS!

Our user-friendly editor includes a drag-and-drop seating chart builder to quickly build your seating charts without extra training. Need more time? No worries! We can create a seating chart of your venue for you.

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Drive revenue and create patron loyalty with subscription packages

Start driving revenue with flexible subscription packages before general ticket sales begin. With OTS, you can build and manage multiple subscription packages that include traditional full-season subscriptions, “flex passes,” customizable performance packages, and pre-sale options for subscribers.

Our Box Office Portal makes it easy to sell and redeem subscriptions in person, over the phone, or even on the night of the event when ticket buyers are most engaged. Keep your patrons coming back for more and build loyalty with subscription packages.

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Boost Engagement and Increase Sales with Promo Codes

Special promotional tickets and discount codes are a tradition in the theatre that can help drive revenue, engagement, and donations for your organization by creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency. Moreover, they enable you to track the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns, allowing for data-driven decision-making in future promotional strategies.

Our promo code capabilities allow you to provide professional comp codes at no charge to your organization, create an unlimited number of unique promo codes with the same offer at one time, set date range for either purchase and/or redemption, and offer promo codes on Entire Order, Tickets Only or Individual ticket types.


Ticket Scanning Built for the Performing Arts

Replace the hectic, inconsistent process of checklist walk-ins with a professional arrival process that supports both digital and printed tickets. OTS Ticket Scanning speeds up the arrival process, professionalizes the patron experience, protects your ticket sales, and drives more revenue for your organization, all while ensuring the best experience for staff and volunteers.

The best part? You can do everything from the devices you already have. There is no need to purchase special equipment or expensive scanners. Create Front of House users that enable them to check in your patrons and will provide you with real-time data on check-ins and attendance.

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Decrease Patron Wait Time

Our user-friendly Box Office portal enables Front-of-House teams to easily streamline processes before and during the day of the show. Expedite entry times with Ticket Scanning. Minimize the need to handle cash or paper tickets with mobile ticketing options, and easily search ticket buyers to check-in patrons who left their tickets at home. With these options and more, OTS empowers your organization to delight both patrons and Front-of-House teams alike!


Elevate Your Patron Experience

With our comprehensive Ticketing Platform and Box Office Portal, you can easily create a patron-first, professional atmosphere from initial ticket purchase through the night of the show and beyond.


Drive More Revenue

With the OTS Box Office Portal, you can generate more revenue for your organization. Our all-in–one platform includes features like gated pre-sales events, flexible ticket types, tiered ticket pricing, promo codes, subscription packages, and more, giving you options to engage with your patrons. Seamlessly process cash and credit card sales and make it easy for your Box Office to focus on selling subscriptions, driving donations and generating more revenue. Coupled with our revenue-accelerating suite of features, you can activate non-ticket revenue streams, optimize purchase flows, and maximize your customer lifetime value, all while creating best-in-class patron experiences

Product Category FAQs

Can I charge different ticket prices for separate seat locations?

You sure can! With our Reserved Seating functionality, you can create ticket types by section and within each section as well. With On The Stage you can create offerings that are as simple or complex as you want them to be.

Can I use OTS to sell tickets for a non-theatrical event?

Yes. Our site templates work intuitively for theatre productions, musical concerts, dance recitals, award shows, and camp/class registration. We also work with Dance/Prom committees, Special Events, Sporting Events, Cheer/Dance/Color Guard Competitions, and much more.

Can I offer comp tickets and other discounts through On The Stage?

Of course. In addition to standard comp tickets, with On The Stage, you can create as many discount codes as you need, for whatever application you can think of.

Can my company offer paper tickets with On The Stage?

Yes, you can offer and accept paper tickets. However, current trends show ticketing headed in a completely digital direction—and with our paperless system, On The Stage is ahead of the curve. Patrons are provided with a confirmation email with QR Codes for each ticket that can be scanned once they arrive at the theatre. 

Of course, patrons are welcome to print their confirmation email or QR Codes and bring that to the venue for check-in, but it is optional and can be done from their mobile device. 

Does my company need to buy or rent a ticket scanner or printer?

No! Our Box Office Portal is designed to be quick and easy, with no need to purchase additional devices. Front of House staff can use any wifi enabled device with a camera (phone, iPod, tablet, laptop, etc.) to scan tickets with QR Codes when they enter the theatre. Patrons check in at the venue by sharing the QR Code in their order confirmation email.

Do I need a chip reader to process credit card sales?

No. Our Box Office Portal allows you to process credit card transactions on any device without a chip reader.

How are refunds and exchanges processed?

On The Stage is built to work for you. Our website builder includes a customizable field for your organization’s specific Refunds and Exchanges Policy, so no matter how you choose to handle these circumstances, your patrons will be fully informed before they make their purchase.

If you choose to offer refunds and/or exchanges for ticket purchases, please note that On The Stage does not process these transactions, however, our Customer Support team is available to walk you through the necessary steps if you need assistance.

How do I make sure our Box Office reports include cash sales? 

To ensure that all reporting is complete and accurate, use our Box Office Portal to process all cash or check transactions. The Box Office Portal is optimized for your mobile device, so cash and credit card sales are quick and easy no matter where or when they take place.

What if our Wifi goes out on the day of the show?

The On The Stage Box Office Portal and live Check-In List are optimized for use on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. If you have spotty wifi, you can use your smartphone to process sales and check patrons in at the door, or use it as a hotspot to connect to other devices.

If you don’t have access to a smartphone, turn off ticket sales two hours before your event and print out the Check-In List so that you have the most up-to-date list of patrons available for manual check-in.

“You’ve truly thought of everything and I am so happy we partnered with you last year. Our box office volunteers had so much fun checking people in, they wanted to come back the next two nights!!”
Lauren Warner • Theatre Director
“Everything went smoothly with our first production using On The Stage and elevated our program to the next level.”
Adrienne Bogarde Roach • Drama Director
“Great platform. Very user-friendly.”
Larissa Hardesty • LKO Arts Boosters