Remote Zoom Productions

Give your patrons innovative production options that keep them engaged and coming back for more.

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Offer online productions or readings to your patrons through Zoom. It’s almost the same as being together in person! Have cast members in different locations? Want to put on a live show with no venue? No problem. Connect a fully-remote cast through Zoom and share your events online.

OTS provides a Zoom license, at no additional cost, with built-in best practices and a scheduler. Online rehearsals, cast member communications, and audience interactions are not only possible with OTS, but easy!


Give your audience a new way to experience your productions and quickly generate more revenue for your organization

Online Rehearsals/Events

Schedule online rehearsals, cast parties, and more. Your virtual rehearsal room!

Multi-Location Events

Involve cast and crew members in multiple locations and share your productions with your audience.

Backstage Chat

Call cues or direct the show just like you’re in a theatre with our backstage chat feature.

Live or Prerecorded

Play pre-recorded videos, live footage, or a combination of both.

Dedicated License

Use an OTS-provided Zoom business license for the run of the show.

Online Help Center

Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting for your event.

Live Chat

Enhance audience connection with the performance through our onscreen chat function. Share comments with your team after the show.

Live Donations

Encourage audience support through our onscreen donation feature available during the performance.