6 Workflows Built to Develop Audiences and Accelerate Revenue

There are noticeable shifts happening in the performing arts industry: subscription sales are declining, patrons are purchasing tickets closer to showtime than ever before, and donations are dwindling across the board.

To get ahead of the growing industry challenges, it’s essential to take a business-first approach and find ways to ensure your organization is profitable while not losing sight of the importance of providing quality performing arts experiences for your patrons and community.

OTS is answering the industry challenges with a new playbook of workflows built to develop audiences and accelerate revenue growth.

Inside, you’ll find six workflows that outline some of the most effective ways to set up your productions and maximize business outcomes utilizing multiple features in the OTS toolbox:

  • Early Bird Offers
  • Repeat Patrons
  • Exclusive Donor Events
  • Partnering with Local Businesses
  • Non-Ticket Add-Ons and Upsells
  • Merchandise Sales

Download your copy of this playbook to glimpse the possibilities of what can be accomplished when you incorporate multiple features and tactics coupled with built-in best practices followed by the experts on Broadway and the West End.