When it comes time to implement effective pricing strategies for your theatre’s tickets, it’s imperative to straddle the line between maximum revenue and minimum gatekeeping of your content. In short, your tickets should be expensive enough for you to make a sizable profit but not too expensive and inaccessible for some of your community members. […]

Everyone has wanted to feel like a very important person (VIP) at one point or another. After all, having VIP experiences can transform an average memory into something extraordinary.  If it’s true that most people are on the hunt for that exciting feeling, why not start curating these VIP experiences for your most loyal patrons? […]

The beauty of theatre is that it is never a one-size-fits-all experience. Whether you’re a patron, director, actor, or part of the crew, you’ll walk away from a piece of theatre with your own unique interpretations and insights. The same can – and should be – said for the ticketing portion of the theatrical process. […]

Just as they say in Cabaret, money makes the world go ’round. As a theatremaker, you’re probably constantly searching for more ways to infuse capital into your program so you can focus on what you love…making great art. Finding new revenue accelerators is crucial for your theatre—not only to keep the doors open but also […]

As an innovative leader in the world of theatre, you’re likely looking for new ways to improve the experience for your patrons. That could be through technology upgrades, more immersive showcases, better-quality merchandise, or stronger theatre-patron relationships. One method for enhancing the audience experience that you may not have considered is the use of post-show […]

A common goal among theatremakers is simple: ensure the largest possible audience is viewing your work. However, getting more eyes on your content and more people in your theatre seats can be tough, which is why having a theatre marketing strategy is crucial for organizations of all sizes; and that strategy should include a robust […]

We theatremakers know one thing to be true: Our patrons keep the lights on. Those who purchase tickets to shows, buy merchandise, share content on social media, and attend workshops, summer camps, and other programming make or break our business.  So it’s agreed: You need patrons to sustain your business – and happy, consistent repeat […]

Your front-of-house box office team is the lifeblood of your organization for a variety of reasons. They are integral in creating a great first impression of your theatre, and they handle one of the most important aspects of your business: selling tickets.  That being said, this integral team needs to feel empowered and equipped with […]