Happy Women’s History Month, theatremakers! Women’s influence, expertise, perspectives, and power can be felt in just about every industry in the world these days. But one industry that has empowered women to lead and thrive for centuries is our own!  Today, On The Stage shines a spotlight on just a few of the thousands of […]

March is Theatre in Our Schools Month! It’s a time to celebrate the power of theatre within our school systems, as well as advocate for arts education and inclusion all year round.  The benefits of theatre education are varied and vast and do not all revolve around fostering creativity – although that’s a major gain. […]

March welcomes ‘Happy Theatre In Our Schools Month,’ and there are a million reasons to celebrate. Ensuring schools have drama education is paramount to well-rounded student development and heavily impacts a student’s overall academic achievement. On The Stage explores why theatre in schools is so important and the many ways in which it positively influences […]

As the season of love embraces us and Cupid readies his arrows for Valentine’s Day, the quest for your perfect match takes center stage. Just as love stories are crafted with care, so should the tools that bring your lovely narratives to life on the stage. Here’s why On The Stage (OTS) is your perfect […]

As the holidays creep closer and closer, you may be feeling the pressure to get your gifts juuuust right. While we probably can’t help you find something for your sports-obsessed friends, we can surely help with the theatre lovers in your life. Read on for a few last-minute, theatre-centric gift ideas for friends, family, crew, […]

Happy International Day of Persons with Disabilities! This observance has been promoted by the United Nations since 1992. Alongside being a joyful celebration, today aims to reinforce the importance of securing rights for people with disabilities, allowing them to participate fully, equally, and effectively in a society with no barriers to accessibility.  As a theatre […]

This season of the year is all about giving thanks and showing gratitude – for friends, for family, for coworkers, and for those who make a difference in our communities. Theatre teachers are one group you do not want to forget as you’re prepping your gift list, and we’re here to help with ideas!  Whether […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, traditionally associated with big-box stores and retailers, can be just as valuable for arts organizations!  This shopping season isn’t just for selling physical items; it’s a fantastic opportunity to boost ticket sales for your upcoming shows! Venture beyond traditional retail boundaries and dive into the realm of live performances, harnessing […]

As holiday magic slowly enters the air, you may notice the general public is in a, well, lighter mood. That can only mean one thing – the season of giving is upon us!  As a theatre, there are ways to leverage that contagious holiday cheer to strengthen your organization, both financially and as a brand.  What […]

On The Stage – along with a variety of creators all across the globe – places emphasis on the importance of diversity and inclusion. Although we’ve made great strides in representation over the last decade, more work is always needed. Along with looking towards the future of theatre, it’s paramount to honor those who broke […]

As the leaves turn fiery hues and the chill in the air deepens, we find ourselves deep in the trenches of the spooky season. So why not brew up something new to bring a little magic to your theatre offerings? Whether you’re looking to keep things light(ish) or go full dark and twisty, On The […]

A very happy Pride Month to you, theatremakers! The LGBTQIA+ community has made vast, overarching, and crucial contributions to the theatre world. Perhaps one of the most important of these contributions is simply visibility in and of itself. After all, everyone deserves space to express themselves. And even more importantly, everyone deserves to see themselves […]

An exciting awards season came to a close Sunday night as Broadway toasted the best of the best at the 2023 Tony Awards. It’s the biggest night of the year for theatre lovers and as always, there were some great words of wisdom to take from the honorees. Additionally, there was some incredible advice that […]