As we move out of the pandemic into a less socially distanced world, it’s important to get the arts (and our dancers, performers, and creatives) back on their feet. Successful fundraisers can increase visibility and generate positive buzz for your studio, as well as help ensure the financial stability and continued growth of your program. […]

With summer camps coming back last year, it’s fair to anticipate that the market for summer camps will be back in full swing this year. Parents of children of all ages are looking forward to seeing those smiling faces come home from a long day of fun (and, let’s be honest, the break!).   Why […]

There’s nothing better than a full auditorium after all of the hard work that goes into choreographing, rehearsing, and putting together a performance. And your show deserves exactly that! But it may feel like your efforts are going unnoticed if the auditorium is only half-full come time for the opening routine.  If you’re hoping to […]