Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! If you’re searching for ways to improve your mental health – and enjoy yourself while doing so – try engaging with theatre or other performing arts experiences. On The Stage explores a few ways that theatre itself can improve mental well-being… one performance at a time. Theatre Creates a Community […]

We know how tech week goes: your show is almost perfect, but you’re hoping to add that liiiittle extra bit of magic to it before the curtains go up on opening night. If you’re searching for small but meaningful ways to put your best artistic foot forward, On The Stage has you covered. Here are […]

In the world of performing arts, you may not consider marketing efforts to be top priority – especially if you’re hard at work making theatre magic. But, it’s a sad truth that not as many people will see that theatre magic if you’re not diligent about your marketing and promotion. Like many a harried creative, […]

If the onset of musical season brings mixed feelings of excitement and nerves, you’re no the only one! It’s time to embark on a thrilling journey of selecting, directing, and showcasing your musical production, and sometimes that can feel overwhelming. But it’s important to remember that while musicals present unique challenges, they also offer fresh […]

Recently at On The Stage, we recognized World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd. The world of theatre thrives on creativity and inclusivity, and this includes individuals on the autism spectrum. At On The Stage, we believe in making theatre accessible to all, and embracing neurodivergent perspectives is crucial to enhancing the world of neurodiverse […]

Curating the right ambiance for any theatre showcase can be difficult, especially if you’re working with a smaller budget. But it’s more than possible to create a beautiful performance space with limited funds. On The Stage offers a few ways to create a stellar set on a less-than-stellar budget.  Create Your Bare-Bones Budget First Any […]

There’s no other way to stay it: performance week is hectic for any theatre program. While directors, leads, and techies are likely feeling the pressure, perhaps the most stressed of all is the stage manager leading the charge behind the scenes. As the head of your production, it’s your responsibility to ensure your stage manager […]

Although it feels like we’re just about to celebrate the start of spring, summer will be here before you know it. And the warmer weather means one thing for us theatre folk: summer stock! While you still have ample time, get prepped for the summer stock season with a little help from On The Stage.  […]

It’s no secret that directing a production can be stressful – and there’s no shame in getting overwhelmed every once in a while. What you should avoid, however, is taking out those negative feelings on your cast and crew via aggressive criticism during rehearsals. Constructive criticism, when executed correctly, can help your show succeed and […]

There’s nothing quite like the anxiety and panic you feel when you realize your rehearsals are behind-schedule or off-track. Perhaps you had to cancel a few practices, got lax with start times, or got fixated on a certain scene and lost sight of the bigger picture. Before you head into melt-down mode, it is possible […]

Casting the leads in your next production can be a make or break decision as it concerns your show’s overall success.  Should you go with the seasoned pro who harbors a bit of an ego, or the green hopeful who’s not so confident, but has the passion in spades? While there’s no true right or […]

It’s no secret that creators always want to be on the cutting edge, keeping an eye on the horizon for the most anticipated shows of the season. If you’re gearing up to select your titles for 2023, On The Stage predicts a few of this year’s hottest musicals and plays.  Musicals Ruthless! The Musical Good […]

One of the most exciting times in the theatre-making process is the audition phase – watching enthusiastic hopefuls enter the stage and (hopefully) dazzle you with their talents. While this time in the creation of your art is no doubt exhilarating, it can easily derail into a stressful situation if you fail to prepare, or […]