Fundraising galas can be an excellent way to increase awareness of your work, create meaningful connections through networking, and raise capital for ongoing success. It may seem daunting to plan, market, and host your own gala, we know! But with the right tools, it can – and will – be a rousing success. On The Stage […]

Running a theatre, no matter the size, has a variety of moving parts to manage. Perfecting the costumes. Nailing the sound and lighting cues. Casting the perfect leads. Marketing your upcoming show. Raising enough funds to improve the experience for everyone. But one part that often gets pushed to the wayside is the cultivation and […]

Swag. Merch. Goodies. No matter what you call it, there’s a universal truth about merchandise: people love it. Whether it’s a shirt, a hat, a poster, or a mug, selling branded items can be a major key to your theatre’s growing success. Offering a variety of benefits that will engage, excite, and grow your audience, […]

If you’re looking to further your education, raise funds, bring your team together, and add new folks to the roster, hosting a theatre workshop is a great way to do all that and more. Workshops require plenty of forethought and organization, but with the right tools in your tool belt, you’ll be able to grow […]

Welcome to 2024, theatremakers! Like many, you’ve probably created a few New Year’s resolutions you’re excited to make into reality this year. One of those resolutions is likely creating more cash flow for your theatre, which is made possible through a variety of creative fundraising ideas.  Getting started – and kicking off the year on […]

As holiday magic slowly enters the air, you may notice the general public is in a, well, lighter mood. That can only mean one thing – the season of giving is upon us!  As a theatre, there are ways to leverage that contagious holiday cheer to strengthen your organization, both financially and as a brand.  What […]

With autumn well underway, you may be searching for some fundraising ideas that will raise a little (or a lot of) money for your theatre. Whether you’re a school program, community theatre, professional non-equity organization, or something in between, all theatre pros have one thing in common: they’ll never say no to additional capital.  That’s […]

Any great theatre showcase comes paired with a great, well-designed program. And building a sleek, professional program doesn’t have to be difficult – trust us! On The Stage offers you a step-by-step guide to creating your next theatre program.  Creating Your Program So, you’ve picked your show, have your cast and crew, and are barreling […]

Fall weather welcomes back so many activities, from sipping on pumpkin spice lattes to taking leisurely strolls and viewing the foliage. What you may not associate with fall, however, is fundraising … but you should!  There are various ways to harness the renewed energy fall brings into unique, lucrative fundraising events. On The Stage explores […]

Seasoned theatremakers know that to create beautiful, life-changing art, you need to find the right partnerships to pad your bottom line. Money, after all, makes the world go ‘round!  Getting a business to sponsor your program has a variety of benefits, including:  Extending the reach of your theatre: Companies have their own established fan bases […]

The fall season is almost here, with back-to-school excitement floating in the air. You may just now be thinking about the audition process for your fall musical or show and all the details that come along with it. But it’s also time to think ahead – way ahead – which means starting to build, streamline, […]

,Warmer weather and more free time lend themselves swimmingly to hosting fundraisers for your theatre. Utilizing the great outdoors and peoples’ positive moods, you’re sure to secure more financial security for the upcoming season. On The Stage presents a few creative fundraising ideas for the summer.  Car Washes Why yes, it may be manual labor, […]

Summer is a unique time when email marketing is key to driving donations for your fundraising campaigns. There is a lot of underutilized energy and enthusiasm floating around during the summer months, and with the right marketing tools, you can grab onto it and harness it for your program. On The Stage explores a few […]