As the weather warms and more people opt to venture out and enjoy the arts, summer stock is waking up from its hibernation, as well. In fact, it’s almost time to dust off your costumes and sets to prepare for those fast-paced, enticing, and entertaining shows. Although we’re technically still in the winter months, now […]

Swag. Merch. Goodies. No matter what you call it, there’s a universal truth about merchandise: people love it. Whether it’s a shirt, a hat, a poster, or a mug, selling branded items can be a major key to your theatre’s growing success. Offering a variety of benefits that will engage, excite, and grow your audience, […]

Theatre is art, with or without an audience. But as a theatremaker, you probably want and need an audience at your shows, right? Right.  Attracting audiences – or larger crowds for those with an already steady following – is a goal for just about every organization in the world. An audience gives our art meaning, […]

The power of community collaboration can’t be understated – because two minds are always greater than one, right? As a theatre professional, you probably find yourself collaborating a lot in your day-to-day – with team members, actors, crew members, and the like. But what about taking that culture of collaboration even further? Certain members of […]

If you’re looking to further your education, raise funds, bring your team together, and add new folks to the roster, hosting a theatre workshop is a great way to do all that and more. Workshops require plenty of forethought and organization, but with the right tools in your tool belt, you’ll be able to grow […]

It’s an intangible thing, but you know it when you hear it, see it, or even feel it. That’s right – it’s a buzz! No, we’re not talking about bees or that annoying hum of overhead lights; we’re talking about that excitement that hits right before your theatre production goes live! Creating and maintaining buzz can be […]

If you’re in search of ways to boost ticket sales for your next showcase and to increase engagement year-round, consider offering ticket bundling. A reliable strategy, bundling adds value for patrons, attracts more guests, and helps to pad your bottom line.  Ticket Bundling: What is it? First, let’s explore what ticket bundling is. Essentially, bundling […]

Leveraging promo codes and discounts is a proven way to increase sales, no matter the industry. When your show is just around the corner, and you haven’t quite reached the ticket sales goals you had planned, now is not the time to throw in the towel and accept defeat! By offering strategic promo codes, you’ll be able […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, traditionally associated with big-box stores and retailers, can be just as valuable for arts organizations!  This shopping season isn’t just for selling physical items; it’s a fantastic opportunity to boost ticket sales for your upcoming shows! Venture beyond traditional retail boundaries and dive into the realm of live performances, harnessing […]

Season ticketing is at the heart of any theatre program because what it means is simple: loyal patrons. And one goal you – and many other theatremakers like you – may have for next season is securing more of those tried-and-true, consistent ticket-buyers. But how? Turning one-time attendees into consistent subscribers is a process, but […]

One of the most common goals for theatremakers around the world is to have as many ticket sales as possible for each production. And in a fast-paced, highly competitive digital media landscape where you need to stand out to get noticed, promotional and discount codes can be a game-changer for your sales. This marketing strategy is simple […]

As holiday magic slowly enters the air, you may notice the general public is in a, well, lighter mood. That can only mean one thing – the season of giving is upon us!  As a theatre, there are ways to leverage that contagious holiday cheer to strengthen your organization, both financially and as a brand.  What […]

Patron engagement is critical to the growth and success of your theatre. Engagement can mean a variety of things – from generating new interest or nurturing long-standing relationships – with the end goal of providing memorable and personalized experiences for all and keeping your patrons coming back for more. It’s important to maintain ongoing patron […]