Like many creatives, you may be struggling with a lack of actors and techies for your productions. Perhaps you’ve been doubling – having one actor play multiple roles – or have had to take on behind-the-scenes work yourself due to a lack of backstage hands.  If you’re running out of bandwidth, you’re not alone. But […]

Casting the leads in your next production can be a make or break decision as it concerns your show’s overall success.  Should you go with the seasoned pro who harbors a bit of an ego, or the green hopeful who’s not so confident, but has the passion in spades? While there’s no true right or […]

One of the most exciting times in the theatre-making process is the audition phase – watching enthusiastic hopefuls enter the stage and (hopefully) dazzle you with their talents. While this time in the creation of your art is no doubt exhilarating, it can easily derail into a stressful situation if you fail to prepare, or […]

Planning and executing a successful theatre production is no joke, and certainly no easy task. Right as you feel you’ve gotten a handle on things, there will likely be another obstacle – either creative or practical – that needs your attention.  Before you begin planning your next showcase, On The Stage offers a step-by-step guide […]

On The Stage offers a few tips to save money as you embark on your theatre set strike.

On The Stage presents a few tips to keep your theatre on-budget as you hunt for authentic costumes and set pieces for your period piece.

On The Stage offers creators a few avenues to combat ableism in theatre and create a more inclusive program.

On The Stage can help make your show website a success through an easy-to-use, streamlined technology platform.

With the fall season upon us, it’s time to select your musical programming. On The Stage offers a few suggestions for theatres of all sizes.

Ticket sales are often the lifeblood of theatres. If you’re looking to increase your sales, On The Stage presents a variety of proven methods.

Cultivating loyalty in the theatre can take on a variety of forms. On The Stage offers theatre professionals a few ideas to up your patrons’ dedication to the cause.

Student marketing teams can oftentimes be a critical component to your show’s success. On The Stage dives into the importance of these teams, as well as how to get them started.

Planning your theatrical programming may seem intimidating, but On The Stage can assist with some considerations, as well as steps to get you started.