Spring break is a time of rest and relaxation for many, while others want to hit the open road or seek out new adventures. You, the theatremaker, deserve a break and some fun, too… but you should also be using this time to maximize your theatre’s revenue and boost your ticket sales.  You might be […]

March is Theatre in Our Schools Month! It’s a time to celebrate the power of theatre within our school systems, as well as advocate for arts education and inclusion all year round.  The benefits of theatre education are varied and vast and do not all revolve around fostering creativity – although that’s a major gain. […]

March welcomes ‘Happy Theatre In Our Schools Month,’ and there are a million reasons to celebrate. Ensuring schools have drama education is paramount to well-rounded student development and heavily impacts a student’s overall academic achievement. On The Stage explores why theatre in schools is so important and the many ways in which it positively influences […]

This season of the year is all about giving thanks and showing gratitude – for friends, for family, for coworkers, and for those who make a difference in our communities. Theatre teachers are one group you do not want to forget as you’re prepping your gift list, and we’re here to help with ideas!  Whether […]

There is, indeed, a reason why Tech Week is interchangeably called “Hell Week” in the world of theatre. Your to-do list is piling up, your actors are tired, you feel like you’re behind schedule … the worries go on (and on, and on). However, tech week doesn’t have to be hellish. With the right tools, you […]

Rehearsals are an essential part of every successful performing arts program. They are where creativity meets discipline, where talent is honed, and where the magic truly happens. That being said, managing rehearsals efficiently is no small feat. It requires careful planning, effective communication, and a keen understanding of the unique challenges that performing arts can […]

As the school year commences, you may look for new components to add to your theatre curriculum. Along with teaching passionate students about the many tenets of acting, you should consider introducing crew and technical work into the mix.  Along with adding a dynamic new facet to your class, getting students involved with technical work […]

School theatre rehearsals can be both thrilling and demanding. Balancing the fun and productivity in these rehearsals is key to creating a memorable and successful production. By following these tips, you can ensure that your time in the theatre is both enjoyable and rewarding, leaving you and your students with unforgettable memories and a fantastic […]

With the summer sun slowly setting, it’s time to gear up for back to school and an electrifying fall theatre season. Whether you’re a veteran drama teacher or just stepping onto the stage, On The Stage has some actionable steps and helpful resources to help you start your season strong! Set the Stage Literally and […]

Directing a play, musical, or other theatrical showcase is hard work – no matter the scope. Juggling a variety of elements, tapping into your creativity, ensuring your cast and crew are healthy and happy, focusing on fundraising, getting marketing efforts out the door … the list of your tasks goes on and on. Before you […]

Although it’s still (very, very) hot outside, fall is coming quickly – so you should be organizing your theatre lesson plans and planning your curriculum for the upcoming school year.  Although it may seem tempting to go by the book and continue using the same techniques from years past, you’ll benefit both yourself and your […]

On The Stage presents a few reasons why a district-wide production is a great idea for you, your theatre, and your community at large.  A Diversified Talent Pool If you open up auditions to your entire district, you can bring together students from all locations and provide them with a unique experience to widen their […]

The arts are a gateway to imagination, self-expression, and personal growth. A unified approach to arts education can benefit the entire community in a school district. Whether you’re a superintendent, district arts administrator, principal, teacher, or even a student, embracing various art forms and creating a comprehensive district-wide experience can cultivate an environment that nurtures […]