As you’re preparing for the curtains to rise on opening night, the last thing you want to be worried about is your box office. Tickets aren’t scanning correctly? You overbooked the house? The line is moving slower than molasses? Ugh. Streamlining your box office operations prior to opening night will reap major benefits down the […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, traditionally associated with big-box stores and retailers, can be just as valuable for arts organizations!  This shopping season isn’t just for selling physical items; it’s a fantastic opportunity to boost ticket sales for your upcoming shows! Venture beyond traditional retail boundaries and dive into the realm of live performances, harnessing […]

Season ticketing is at the heart of any theatre program because what it means is simple: loyal patrons. And one goal you – and many other theatremakers like you – may have for next season is securing more of those tried-and-true, consistent ticket-buyers. But how? Turning one-time attendees into consistent subscribers is a process, but […]

One of the most common goals for theatremakers around the world is to have as many ticket sales as possible for each production. And in a fast-paced, highly competitive digital media landscape where you need to stand out to get noticed, promotional and discount codes can be a game-changer for your sales. This marketing strategy is simple […]

Patron engagement is critical to the growth and success of your theatre. Engagement can mean a variety of things – from generating new interest or nurturing long-standing relationships – with the end goal of providing memorable and personalized experiences for all and keeping your patrons coming back for more. It’s important to maintain ongoing patron […]

As a theatre professional looking towards 2024, you may be kicking off the budgeting season and working through various strategic plans. There are several moving parts that require portions of your budget, but one that’s quite important and often overlooked is your marketing. While you may be focusing on programming, set pieces, costumes, new lighting […]

The art of live theatre has been evolving for thousands of years, experiencing a variety of transformations with new theatre technology. What was once a few male actors ‘in the round’ in ancient Greece has transformed into multi-million dollar productions, a culture of inclusivity, and shows that cover virtually every topic under the sun. The […]

The fall season is almost here, with back-to-school excitement floating in the air. You may just now be thinking about the audition process for your fall musical or show and all the details that come along with it. But it’s also time to think ahead – way ahead – which means starting to build, streamline, […]

Theatre is not just about the performances on stage- it’s about creating magical experiences for every audience member. A personalized patron experience is the key to making new and loyal patrons feel special, connected, and eager to return for more. Let’s get into the growing personalization trend, and then we’ve got a bunch of easy examples […]

For some, it’s a dreaded component of the creative process. For others, it’s pure joy. Either way, marketing is an integral part of running a successful theatre. If you’ve worked hard on your showcase but aren’t seeing that return on investment in the form of sold-out shows, revamping your marketing technique is a great way […]

It’s almost time for curtains up on your newest production, and perhaps you think that means your ticket sales numbers are mostly final. Not so! The last few days before your show are still prime time to sell tickets; don’t throw in the towel just yet!  On The Stage can help get those final seats […]

Ahh, the sweet sound of summertime. While you may look at this reprieve as a time for rest and relaxation, you can also use it to bolster your theatre program. How? By hosting theatre camps, of course! If you’re not sure where to start, we offer a variety of reasons why theatre camp can change […]

Fundraising is about more than just accepting donations. As American educator Randy Pausch once said: “Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.” In the theatre world, perhaps no one deserves more gratitude than your loyal patrons and donors. The people who support your work are […]