There’s no better day than today to take your program to the next level. Here are a few achievable goals for your organization, and exactly how to reach them. There’s a cycle that New Year’s goals tend to take- we make them, we think about them, and… we forget about them. Usually, this happens because […]

Take control of your theatre’s financial destiny. Funding for the arts has always been a pain point for theatre creators. You don’t want to feel restricted by tight budgets or a lack of strong donors. On The Stage can help you take control of your theatre’s funding strategies with our new insightful guide. Inside you’ll […]

Off-season for your theatre program doesn’t mean fundraising efforts should take the next few months off, too. On The Stage offers a streamlined plan to put your theatre ahead of the game next season. The sun’s out, pools are lively again, school is quiet, and your theatre is likely in the off season. It might […]