Curating your theatre’s season is one of the most rewarding yet challenging jobs of an artistic director. A good season not only entertains and attracts your audience but also evokes meaningful conversations and encourages a devoted following from your patrons. While there are no set rules for crafting a theatrical season, the process does require […]

Education is continually evolving, and educators and administrators nationwide are embracing a comprehensive approach of tapping into the arts to ignite creativity, critical thinking, and innovation. And guess what? The results are simply phenomenal! In our latest infographic, 9 Benefits of a Consistent Arts Experience Across Your School District, we explore the extraordinary potential and […]

More and more educators and administrators are embracing a holistic approach to education—one that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and innovation through the power of arts. From cultivating academic excellence and promoting social-emotional learning to fostering community engagement and enhancing career readiness, there’s a multitude of benefits.  Uncover the extraordinary potential of a consistent arts experience […]

Directing theatre is an exhilarating journey of growth and self-reflection, whether you are just starting or have plenty of experience. Our eBook, The Ultimate Guide for First-Time Drama Teachers, is here to support and inspire directors in the thrilling world of the performing arts.  The theatre world is a canvas of creativity, emotion, and storytelling. […]

Summer camps provide an excellent opportunity for students to explore their interests, gain new skills, and build friendships that can last a lifetime. As an educator, you know how important it is to provide these experiences for your students, and you want to ensure that your summer camp is successful and meaningful. That’s why we’ve […]

Build a bright future for your school’s creative programs and secure the administrative support your students deserve. Our students deserve the opportunity to explore their creative potential through the arts, which provide a means for self-expression, encourage critical thinking, and foster social and emotional growth. However, despite the proven benefits, securing funding and support for […]

All students deserve the opportunity to explore their creative potential and develop important life skills through theatre. The goal of the Theatre In Our Schools movement is to ensure that all students have access to high-quality theatre education- something that is right at the heart of what we do at On The Stage. Theatre fosters […]

On-Demand Webinar with Andrew Barth Feldman and Shereen Pimentel Join us to hear Andrew Barth Feldman (Dear Evan Hansen, Disney’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical), Shereen Pimentel (West Side Story, The Show Must Go On, The Lion King), and host Tina Cocumelli (TBD Theatricals producer, veteran theatre educator), come […]