When your to-do list is at LEAST a mile long, delegating and staying on top of tasks can seem impossible. With our all-in-one planner, you’ll feel the weight off your shoulders in no time.

Remember the homework planners teachers used to have everyone do when they were in Elementary School? Everyone in class would groan and say, “We’ll remember what you asked us to do! We don’t need to write it down!” And at the time, that was likely true! In Elementary School, homework is just one quick worksheet, and there’s not much else to remember other than recess. But it’s a different story now- especially if you’re running a production. 

When everything gets hectic, it’s vital to the success of your production to have an organized plan. For one of the most hectic jobs out there, we designed this resource for everyone involved- producers, directors, actors, techies and crew. When tech week rolls around, you’ll definitely be thanking yourself that you have everything you need to remember all in one place.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Checklists for opening night
  • All-in-one rehearsal reports
  • Plotting your costumes

In addition, explore the included guided resources for:

  • Creating production timelines
  • Breaking down your scenes
  • Outlining the show for your cast
  • Strike responsibilities

Share our worksheet with the whole cast

Some of these you’ll use yourself, some you’ll share with your team, and some are for your actors. Print as many copies as you need to make sure everyone is working with the same set of tools. Download the free handbook today!