Fall weather welcomes back so many activities, from sipping on pumpkin spice lattes to taking leisurely strolls and viewing the foliage. What you may not associate with fall, however, is fundraising … but you should!  There are various ways to harness the renewed energy fall brings into unique, lucrative fundraising events. On The Stage explores […]

Education is continually evolving, and educators and administrators nationwide are embracing a comprehensive approach of tapping into the arts to ignite creativity, critical thinking, and innovation. And guess what? The results are simply phenomenal! In our latest infographic, 9 Benefits of a Consistent Arts Experience Across Your School District, we explore the extraordinary potential and […]

Community theatres – it’s all in the name! And you, as your program’s leader, should be making the effort to connect with people and businesses in your area. From potential sponsorship opportunities to business partnerships and a wider pool of cast and crew, getting your community theatre’s name into the community is key to your success […]

You love stuff, I love stuff, she loves stuff, we all love stuff! From T-shirts to hats, mugs, posters, and just about anything in between, merchandise is an excellent way to promote your work, create another revenue stream, and build your theatre’s branding. But mass-producing a series of random merchandise isn’t the way to go […]

There’s nothing quite like the excitement at the beginning of the school year. The latest supplies and clothes, a refreshed mindset, and plenty of opportunities for new experiences. If you find yourself at the helm of a theatre class and want to help your students feel both excited and at ease in your classroom, improv […]

The fall season is almost here, with back-to-school excitement floating in the air. You may just now be thinking about the audition process for your fall musical or show and all the details that come along with it. But it’s also time to think ahead – way ahead – which means starting to build, streamline, […]

More and more educators and administrators are embracing a holistic approach to education—one that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and innovation through the power of arts. From cultivating academic excellence and promoting social-emotional learning to fostering community engagement and enhancing career readiness, there’s a multitude of benefits.  Uncover the extraordinary potential of a consistent arts experience […]

With the summer sun slowly setting, it’s time to gear up for back to school and an electrifying fall theatre season. Whether you’re a veteran drama teacher or just stepping onto the stage, On The Stage has some actionable steps and helpful resources to help you start your season strong! Set the Stage Literally and […]

 Happy shark week, theatremakers! It’s time to dive into the magic of underwater set designs. Constructing this captivating and oceanic set may seem daunting or too expensive, but with a little help, you can nail it. So let’s sink our teeth into some helpful tips and tricks!  Making an Underwater Set Design  Get Inspiration from […]

Although it’s still (very, very) hot outside, fall is coming quickly – so you should be organizing your theatre lesson plans and planning your curriculum for the upcoming school year.  Although it may seem tempting to go by the book and continue using the same techniques from years past, you’ll benefit both yourself and your […]

One of the pillars of the On The Stage (OTS) mission is a commitment to continuous innovation. We recognize that the needs of our customers evolve, and we strive to maintain a deep understanding of what theatremakers need to ensure the success of their organization. Our partnership with customers is a two-way street, and we […]

Directing theatre is an exhilarating journey of growth and self-reflection, whether you are just starting or have plenty of experience. Our eBook, The Ultimate Guide for First-Time Drama Teachers, is here to support and inspire directors in the thrilling world of the performing arts.  The theatre world is a canvas of creativity, emotion, and storytelling. […]

On The Stage presents a few reasons why a district-wide production is a great idea for you, your theatre, and your community at large.  A Diversified Talent Pool If you open up auditions to your entire district, you can bring together students from all locations and provide them with a unique experience to widen their […]