This season of the year is all about giving thanks and showing gratitude – for friends, for family, for coworkers, and for those who make a difference in our communities. Theatre teachers are one group you do not want to forget as you’re prepping your gift list, and we’re here to help with ideas! 

Whether you’re hoping to recognize a theatre teacher, a community theatre leader, the head of a professional non-equity group, or someone involved in a commercial theatre group, On The Stage (OTS) offers a few creative ways to say ‘thank you’ to theatre educators this season.

Ways to Say Thank You

A Video Montage

In the age of COVID-19, we all got a lot more handy with digital offerings. Put that education to good use and create a video montage for your theatre teacher. 

Each student or member of your troupe can record a quick video, thanking the teacher for their work and general influence. Have your most tech-savvy producer cobble the videos together, then present the compilation to show your appreciation. Sweet, heartfelt, and cost-effective, this one is sure to induce a few tears! 

A Season Ticket Subscription

Support the arts and provide a killer gift all in one fell swoop with a season ticket subscription to a local theatre or professional company. 

Let’s be honest, what does a theatre creator love more than, well, theatre? And depending on how big your class or troupe is, this one should be fairly affordable if split several ways! 

Tickets to a Broadway Show

If you can’t swing an entire season subscription, don’t sweat it. Instead, check local listings to see if a Broadway show your teacher loves is coming to your city anytime soon. After all, experiences often make the best gifts. 

Merchandise From Their Favorite Show

Whether your theatre teacher is into the classics, like The Sound of Music or West Side Story; prefers the cult favorites like Little Shop of Horrors or Hedwig and the Angry Inch; or goes wild for the newest pieces, like Mean Girls and Dear Evan Hansen, getting show merchandise is an excellent way to say thank you. 

Not only will this be a knock-out gift – it also shows that you know and appreciate your teacher’s interests! Win-win! 

A Framed Show Poster

Another cost-effective gift is a framed poster of your most recent show. For extra sentimentality, have the entire cast sign the poster and pair it with some flowers. 

Your teacher wants to remember each show as its own individual experience, and getting a framed poster will help them do just that. 

Theatre-Themed Games 

There are a variety of theatre-themed games on the market that would make a perfect gift for your theatre teacher. A few ideas include:

  • Cards Against Humanity: Theatre Pack
  • Theatre trivia books
  • Board games with theatrical themes
  • Coloring books that utilize Broadway posters
  • Theatre-themed jigsaw puzzles

A Program Binder

Whether your theatre teacher has been in the business for decades or is just starting out, a binder or scrapbook with show programs from productions they’ve helmed is an excellent gift. 

For seasoned theatre vets, this is an excellent opportunity for them to sit back and be proud of the work they’ve done. For newer teachers, this gift can be utilized for years to come as you continue to add programs. 

A Group Performance 

Do what you do best – perform! Find out your theatre teacher’s favorite song, or a beloved scene from their favorite movie. Get your group together in your off hours to perfect the performance.

This gift is an excellent opportunity for a little cast bonding and also helps you hone your skills while presenting an excellent surprise to your teacher. 

A Signed Prop

Much like a framed poster, a prop from your most recent production, signed by the entire cast, is another creative and cost-effective way to say thank you to your teacher for another great show.

Just make sure that the prop won’t be used again! 

Gift Cards

Why yes, it’s not the most creative…but most theatre teachers will be happy to receive a gift card – for food, for coffee, for clothes, for more theatre supplies, the sky’s the limit! 

Thank You From On The Stage

Here at OTS, theatre teachers are the lifeblood of our operation. Without you, there would be no OTS! 

So, from all of us here at OTS, THANK YOU for all you do. You are making your schools and communities better places to live, play, and work with your creative contributions. Theatre educates, theatre inspires, and theatre unites. You are an integral part of that. 

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