Inspiring people through your art is a noble cause, but it’s not one that comes cheap. At the end of the day, it’s your job to sell more tickets and drive the revenue that makes every play possible. As longtime audience behaviors shift and technology makes new performance formats possible, it’s important to understand that the ticket sales game has changed too. In today’s information age, a strategic investment into theatre tech can shoot your ticket sales through the roof.

Whether you take a technology-driven approach or not, however, there are three easy ways to sell more tickets to your next play.

Simplify Your Ticket Sales Experience

Convenience is king. Today’s shoppers want easy purchases. And they want their tickets on-demand. So, it makes sense that the best way to increase your ticket sales is to give them exactly what they want.

That said, every audience is unique. Meaning how they interact with your business, which types of content and performance formats they prefer, and how they choose to pay are different from one person to the next as well. By making it as easy as possible to pay for tickets, you make the transaction a frictionless process that people are more likely to complete.

Online ticketing, for example, makes getting into your performance as easy as a click or finger tap. With a promotional site featuring built-in sales portal capabilities, digital shoppers and younger audiences can process their own transactions in seconds. Giving you a scalable, highly profitable ticket sales experience that doesn’t require human involvement or any extra work.

A simple ticket sales experience doesn’t work without flexibility, though. Especially if someone gets all the way through the process only to find out that you can’t accept their credit card anyway. This is an experience that all-too-commonly drives away new, excited theatergoers for good.

Fortunately, there are solutions. A walk-up application, rather than a traditional ticket booth, is a modern alternative that works across any mobile device to collect credit card payments at the door (or anywhere else, for that matter) day-of-show. Making it easy for anyone to attend your next play.

Tailor Your Offer To Every Ticket Buyer

If you’re trying to sell tickets to everyone, it’s going to be almost impossible to increase your following long-term. Because offers should be tailored to only your most likely repeat buyers. And, if you’re looking to add more to your audience, there are easy ways to influence their behavior – and your bottom line.

Exclusive Comps and Discount Coupons

Loyalty is a two-way street. And by offering customized incentives and rewards, your ticket sales campaigns deliver as much creativity and interactivity as your imagination allows.

Run Your Own Ticket Sales Contest

A motivated team can be all the difference in growing your next play’s ticket sales. So, why not add a little friendly competition and (hopefully) a lot of cool rewards into the mix?

Running a ticket sales contest can be a fun way to give everybody a stake in your production. It’s a way to reward the people working so hard to expand your audience. Which, in turn, rewards your performers with more and more support for the art they create. Everybody wins.

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