Nobody got into directing and producing theatre to focus on sales and marketing. But building these skills are essential for bringing your art to your audience. Building off our previous ticketing tips, here are three more for you to use to increase your ticket sales, reach more people, and increase your funding. 


Tip 1 – Double your seating chart  

Ok, so you can’t add more physical seats to the house, but how about digital ones? By offering a hybrid model of both streaming and live performances, you have the ability to sell many more seats than your house allows, and you don’t even have to renovate your theatre to do it! If you or your company’s administration is on the fence about streaming, there is no more cost-effective way to increase your theatre’s capacity without adding extra shows. Why limit your ticket sales to your house size? Double up with digital performances and watch your ticket sales take off. 


Tip 2 – Social media marketing 

This may be an obvious tip, but just how strategic are you with your social media marketing? Where does your audience hang out online? Which platform do they use the most? Spend your time and ad dollars there, because that’s where you’ll find more new patrons who are similar to your current audience. If you’re doing paid ads, be as specific as possible when it comes to who you want to advertise to.  

Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising, and social media has made this infinitely easier. Encourage everyone related to our organization and production – the Board, staff, cast, and crew to engage with your social posts and spread the word for you. Do you have a star player in the cast or crew that is savvy enough for a social media takeover? Give your followers a new and exciting behind-the-scenes look from their perspective. 


Tip 3 – Lean into local partnerships

Are you leveraging all the potential business partners in your neighborhood? What trades, partnerships, or advertising swaps can you do with the businesses nearby? What “neighborhood discounts” can you offer the nearby businesses and their patrons just because they’re there? Can you offer ad space in your playbill if they email a ticket offer code to their e-list? Is there a bar around the corner that you could partner with for post-show drinks or parties? If parking is a challenge near your theatre, is there a business that’s closed on evenings and weekends that you arrange for theatre patron parking? Parking can be an obstacle that prevents people from coming to your shows, and this could be the solution to getting better attendance. Get to know your neighbors and find out how you can help each other bring more business to your respective companies. The best partnerships may come in from the most unlikely place. You don’t know unless you ask! 

If you’re looking to incorporate streaming or hybrid productions, simplify your marketing, and improve your audience experience, On the Stage has just what you need. Our all-in-one platform has Broadway quality tools that make ticket sales easy for both you and your patrons. Book a demo today!  

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