As we move out of the pandemic into a less socially distanced world, it’s important to get the arts (and our dancers, performers, and creatives) back on their feet. Successful fundraisers can increase visibility and generate positive buzz for your studio, as well as help ensure the financial stability and continued growth of your program. But if you’re here, you surely know this already! 

Coming up with ideas for your fundraiser is the next step in the process, and often the most daunting. Here are five ideas to come together, have fun, and support an important cause!


Performance Registry

Putting together a registry of individualized items can be a wonderful way to get your patrons involved. If your annual performance ballet is on its way, consider offering your community a way to have a personal connection with their donation. With listings like “Scenery for Swan Lake” or “Lighting for the Nutcracker”, donors will know where their money is going and will be far more inclined to donate.


Involve Your Dancers

A little healthy competition is always good, especially in the name of a good cause! Have your dancers make a leadership board to see who fundraises the most. All proceeds can go to your studio, and your students will have so much fun doing it!


Host a Themed Gala

Everyone loves a theme! There’s no better way to get everyone together than a night dedicated to getting dressed up for a cause. Offer tiered ticketing so those attending can have the opportunity to donate as much as they are able, and have some themed drinks and sweets for everyone to enjoy!


Involve Small Businesses

Consider working with the small businesses in your area for a fun raffle night! Have an auction with your audience for a dinner reservation at the local restaurant, a free haircut at the local salon, a gift card to the nearest boutique, etc. and you’ll have attendees from all over! You can raise money for your organization and small businesses can get some great buzz. 


Envelope Fundraiser

For this fun fundraising idea, all you have to do is take a trip to your local dollar store for a wall full of envelopes. Make them colorful so they pop as people walk by! Write random numbers on the envelope: $2, $10, $150, $25, etc., and invite donations that way. It’s fun and unique, and it allows people to donate whatever they can! 


On The Stage

The world has gone online, and donors have too. In 2022 there was a significant increase in the percentage of donations that were made online, and it’s here to stay. On The Stage’s Fundraising Suite is an all-in-one platform, complete with robust and user-friendly features that are designed to impress your donors and dramatically increase your earnings.

The best part? At On The Stage, we value that your fundraisers are designed to support the growth of your organization, and we value that all the money you make is yours. You read that right- no convenience fees, no charges- completely free. 

Book a personalized demo with a member of our team today to learn more!

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