The arts are a gateway to imagination, self-expression, and personal growth. A unified approach to arts education can benefit the entire community in a school district. Whether you’re a superintendent, district arts administrator, principal, teacher, or even a student, embracing various art forms and creating a comprehensive district-wide experience can cultivate an environment that nurtures artistic talent and encourages holistic development. 

Below, On The Stage explores the remarkable benefits of a unified district experience in the arts that will leave you inspired and eager to embark on this creative journey.

Equity and Access

Say goodbye to barriers! A unified experience ensures that every student within the district, regardless of their school or background, has equal access to high-quality performing arts education. This powerful approach levels the playing field and ensures each student has the opportunity to shine. 

Additionally, by presenting a unified vision and clear goals for the entire district, schools can collaborate on grant proposals and fundraising campaigns, pooling their resources and expertise to create stronger, more impactful requests. Funders appreciate the comprehensive and inclusive approach, as it demonstrates the district’s commitment to maximizing the impact of their contributions. With On The Stage, you can have a district arts page that can be shared across all your organizations so your community sees one collaborative page for your whole district.

Sharing Resources and Saving Money

This collaborative approach saves money and allows schools to invest their resources strategically, focusing on areas where they can have the greatest impact. For example, rather than multiple schools purchasing individual sets or costumes for their productions, they can pool their resources to acquire higher quality and more versatile assets that can benefit all participating schools. On top of that, with On The Stage, our platform is entirely free-to-use, eliminating all of the extra costs for printing, equipment and tools, reducing your overall financial risk.

Streamline Your Administrative Duties

Bid farewell to administrative headaches! By bonding your programs together, you can simplify your administrative duties, from scheduling and curriculum development to resource allocation, budgeting, and reporting. Enjoy smoother operations, cost-effective resource utilization, and more time to focus on what truly matters: nurturing artistic brilliance. 

By collaborating with teachers from different schools, you can develop a unified curriculum that offers students a cohesive and progressive learning experience. You can also optimize budget allocations to support various performing arts initiatives! And that’s just the beginning. Above all, you can create more time for what truly matters: nurturing the artistic brilliance of your students. Speaking of which…

Improved Academic Performance

Countless studies have proven that students engaged in arts education soar to new heights academically. Equipping your district with the tools and resources to thrive in the arts will improve critical thinking, problem-solving, and attention to detail, setting your students up for incredible success in all subjects.  With a unified district experience, provide hands-on experience that gives students the same tools and opportunities that professional theatres are utilizing giving real-world skills they can use for college and work applications.

On top of that, with On The Stage Junior Administrators, you can engage your students in the behind-the-scenes processes, giving them hands-on experience that helps with career readiness. As many educators know, preparing students for the business side of theatre is frequently overlooked in high school and collegiate theatre. However, by delegating tasks and creating a more collaborative environment through the OTS platform, students can take ownership of their work and develop valuable skills in leadership and teamwork that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Increased Community Support

When the community sees that the district is committed to providing all students equal access to the arts, they are more likely to rally behind the cause. This increased community support can lead to greater loyalty and additional funding opportunities, such as sponsorships, donations, and partnerships with local businesses and arts organizations. The district can leverage these connections to secure financial support and resources directly benefiting the performing arts programs.

And, with On The Stage’s complimentary show program creator, you can support local businesses involved in your production. By offering ads in your programs, you can alleviate expenses for sets (construction companies), costumes (local boutiques and tailor shops), props (furniture stores), and other miscellaneous needs (such as microphones, lights, concessions, and more). With a district-wide production, local businesses can target a wider demographic and potentially attract customers from various schools and communities. They’ll be much more likely to be enthusiastic about this trade versus a single-school program!

Stronger School Pride

Looking to strengthen the schoolwide pride? Unifying the performing arts creates a powerful sense of identity and pride within each school. Students develop an unbreakable bond, embracing a sense of belonging, school spirit, and unwavering loyalty. Prepare for a wave of positivity and pride to wash over your district!

Collaboration and Sharing Resources

When schools come together under a unified district-wide experience in the performing arts, the potential for collaboration and the exchange of ideas becomes limitless. Students can connect in a whole new way, learn from each other, support each other’s performances, and inspire one another, pushing the boundaries of their creativity. 

And collaboration doesn’t end with the students. Teachers also have the opportunity to collaborate and share their expertise, resources, and innovative teaching methods. They can engage in professional development sessions, where they exchange ideas, learn from each other’s experiences, and collectively elevate the quality of performing arts education across the district.

Long-Term Community Impact

History has its eyes on you! A unified performing arts program creates a lasting impact on your community. When students, families, and community members witness the transformative power of the performing arts, they become inspired and captivated. They attend performances, witness the magic unfold on stage, and develop a genuine love for the arts. These individuals become avid supporters and patrons of future performances, exhibitions, and artistic endeavors, ensuring a sustainable and vibrant arts community.

The impact of what you do today can ripple through the years, shaping the cultural identity of your community and inspiring generations to come. The stories, performances, and experiences shared within your schools can become a part of the collective community memory, carrying the spirit of creativity in your district’s history.


On The Stage

Inspired by the incredible impact of high school theatre, our founder, Hunter Arnold, created On The Stage with a mission to democratize access to Broadway-caliber technology. We believe that every performing arts program, including vital school programs, deserves the opportunity to thrive.

By partnering with On The Stage, your district can:

  • Drive revenue: Maximize your ticket sales, merchandise, and fundraising efforts
  • Save time and money: Streamline your box office and production processes with our efficient tools, saving valuable resources that can be redirected towards artistic endeavors.
  • Streamline Merchandise: Gone are the days of running out of items, worrying about order quantities, managing inventory, and getting stuck with unsold merchandise. With OTS, you can set your prices, produce orders on-demand, and drop ship straight to your buyer. 
  • Expand resources: Leverage our robust fundraising platform to cultivate a strong financial foundation, empowering your arts programs to become self-sustaining.
  • Create a professional experience: Elevate your productions with our show sites, walk-up app, ticket scanning, show programs, and more, delivering a seamless and professional experience for your students, audiences, and teachers.

If you want to see the incredible impact of On The Stage, check out this inspiring story from John Greenleaf Whittier Middle School, where they doubled their ticket sales and tripled their profits

We’re proud to provide schools with the tools and support they need to thrive in the performing arts, driving financial success and fostering artistic growth. Take your first step towards a unified district by chatting with our team today.

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