The sky’s the limit when it comes to your team’s creativity – and you need the funds to match! Fundraising for your productions can seem like an overwhelming and complicated task, but it can be easy – and fun, too – with a little guidance. Enter On The Stage!

Why is Fundraising Important? 

While it may be a no-brainer that fundraising is crucial to nearly every sector of business, it may be most integral to the performing arts. It’s no secret that funding for the arts in the United States is, frankly, abysmal… but instead of falling victim to the pattern, you can take the future of your program into your own hands. Outlined below are a few achievable ways to fundraise for your productions… and for your theatre as a whole.

Funding Strategies for Your Theatre 

  • Applying for grants and tapping foundations – A variety of nonprofits and arts organizations apply for and receive funding via grants and foundations geared towards their particular industry. While grant money is appealing, it can often be a complicated and competitive process to get selected. Don’t let that get you down! Not sure where to start? Make use of your performing arts network to learn more about grants available to you.
  • Forming community partnerships – We can’t stress enough the importance of community partnerships. Finding allies within your local network can grow your budget, your name recognition, and your future opportunities for funding.
  • Planning fundraising efforts – The bottom line is that you should be fundraising for every show. The most tried-and-true way to raise capital, fundraising comes in many forms – from donor drives to various sales and the promotion of your customized merchandise.
  • Partnering with local businesses – Seeking partnerships with local businesses can elevate name recognition and encourage cross-promotion. Local business partnerships can manifest in a variety of ways, from in-kind donations to flier displays in their places of business and good ol’ monetary contributions.
  • Utilizing tiered ticket prices – Often used as a substitute for major galas or fundraising events, tiered ticketing experiences keeps the energy and focus on your show while creating a VIP experience for certain guests.

Funding Resources

If you’re looking for a reliable launching point to get your funding strategies off the ground, On The Stage’s Fundraising Suite is the perfect place to start. There, you can:

  • Activate recurring donations, custom campaigns, templated best practices, and exclusive video-on-demand sales opportunities
  • Utilize turnkey campaign templates, which come pre-loaded and encourage donor support
  • Run custom fundraising campaigns through the suite, upping your bottom line with no extra cost dent for your organization

For an even deeper dive into successful fundraising strategies and valuable insights, we invite you to explore On The Stage’s comprehensive Fundraising Guide. Our comprehensive resource, 5 Funding Strategies for Your Theatre, offers valuable tips and tricks to elevate your fundraising game and secure the support your theatre deserves. This robust guide is filled with expert tips, tricks, and real-world examples to elevate your fundraising efforts and secure the crucial support your theatre deserves.

Take charge of your financial and creative destiny today!

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