Ahhh, it’s almost time for the theatre community’s most celebrated event – the Tony Awards! Also known as the Antoinette Perry Awards for Excellence in Broadway Theatre (yes – the Tonys are named after a woman, thank you very much!), the Tony Awards are hosted by the American Theatre Wing and the Broadway Wing.

The theatrical equivalent to the Super Bowl, the Tonys are a great time to get together with your theatre-loving friends and family for a night of celebration. Read on for a few fun ideas to best enjoy this year’s Tony Awards.

The Essentials

What, when, where? The Tony Awards begin at 8 p.m. EDT on Sunday, June 11, 2023. While CBS holds the exclusive rights to air the Tonys on TV, you can also stream the awards on Paramount+.

Ways You Can Celebrate

Once you’ve found the right people, there is a bevy of ways to make the Tonys fun for everyone.

Get Your Cast and Crew Involved

If you’re currently working on a show or summer programming, invite your cast and crew out for a viewing party. Whether it’s at your house, at your theatre or rehearsal space, or at a local restaurant or bar, this can be a great bonding experience that allows actors and crew members to mingle and enjoy the festivities.

Make it a Community Event

What better way to unite your theatre community than by coming together for a spirited Tonys watch? Start a Facebook event, send out a blast, make some calls, and get your people together. While there, remember that this could be a great time to make new contacts within your industry and forge community partnerships.

Host a Virtual Viewing Party

Bring together theatre enthusiasts from around the globe – or just around town – for a virtual streaming event. Hop on Zoom and do a group watch, all from the comfort of home.

Go Hybrid

If some of your crew wants to get together, but others either don’t feel comfortable meeting in person or physically can’t be there, you can easily host a hybrid event. Combining face-to-face fun with streaming will create a dynamic environment where everyone feels included.

Betting Pool

Want to make your viewing party a little more interesting? Have your guests fill out forms to predict the winners in a variety of Tony categories. At the end of the night, the person with the highest number of accurate guesses will snag a prize. Said prize is up to you – maybe this is a bonus line in your current production, an extra break at rehearsals, a leg-up on your ticket selling contest, a small gift or just good, old-fashioned bragging rights.

Get Dressed Up

If you want to go all out, encourage your guests to get dressed up to celebrate the occasion. From sweeping gowns to suits and ties, this can be a great way to make your friends, actors and crew members feel fancy – and like they’re a part of the Tonys action.

Red Carpet Rankings

There’s nothing quite as fun as enjoying the fashion on the red carpet. Have guests come early to enjoy the dazzling fashion choices of your favorite A-list theatre stars. You can even have people vote on their favorite looks! (Remember – keep it positive!)

Did You Know? 

On The Stage’s founder, Hunter Arnold, and TBD Productions co-produced and helped create several stellar productions that are included in this Tony Awards season, including A Doll’s House, The Piano Lesson, Into the Woods, Leopoldstadt, Some Like it Hot, and New York, New York. These remarkable shows are making waves in the nomination pool this year, and we couldn’t be more excited to tune in for their success! 

Now that you’re full of great ideas, get to planning your Tonys party! On The Stage will be celebrating with you in spirit.