One of the pillars of the On The Stage (OTS) mission is a commitment to continuous innovation. We recognize that the needs of our customers evolve, and we strive to maintain a deep understanding of what theatremakers need to ensure the success of their organization. Our partnership with customers is a two-way street, and we rely on feedback to help direct our investments in the platform as we move through our roadmap. 

Throughout various interactions with our customers, we have heard again and again that engaging with patrons – whether it be generating new interest or nurturing long-standing relationships or anything in between – is critical to the growth and success of theatre organizations. To provide a memorable and personalized experience, our customers need robust patron relationship tools to understand the needs and behavior of their audience. 

With that in mind, we are thrilled to share exciting updates to our patron relationship management tools. With the OTS Platform, you can now access all the data, information, and insights you need to grow and nurture your patron base right at your fingertips in an easy-to-use format. 

Let’s dive in to see what’s included in these enhancements!

Improved Patron Profile Format

It’s your theatre, so you should have a say in what information you’re keeping on file for your patrons. To provide you with this customization and flexibility, we have updated the overall look and feel of patron profiles. It’s now easier than ever to find and update patron information. 

Things move fast in the theatre world, and we’ve also updated our order logs so you have a clear picture at-a-glance of your order logs. Now, all of your purchase information is accessible in one place, enabling you to see clearly and quickly if an order contains a ticket purchase (with ticket count), donation, fundraiser contribution, or a combination. 

We have also included the option to add multiple mailing and email addresses to each patron profile, along with the ability to designate a primary address to ensure your patrons receive all your communications accurately and promptly. You can also email directly out of a patron profile and add contact logs. 

Store Customized Patron Information

Not only did we launch updated and simplified profiles, we’re also excited to share that you can now add custom fields to patron profiles in addition to the standard fields available in OTS. With this feature, you can not only track additional information like birthdays, play preferences, anniversaries, and more, but you can also easily import new data from other sources (like a former ticketing provider or other external sources). 

Your relationship with your patrons begins far before opening night and continues long after the final curtain. When you keep track of important information about patrons, you have the opportunity to better engage with them, create more curated experiences, and continue building and strengthening the relationship… With our new customized fields, you have more opportunities than ever before to continue generating excitement about your theatre with personal touches, like a birthday card, delivered at the right time to the right address. You’ll earn yourself a patron for life! 

Consistent Contact Information Across Sources

Rather than keeping different data in different places in an overwhelming haze of contact lists, you can now ensure that all of your data from other sources (including former ticketing providers) is stored in your OTS platform. You can even pick and choose what fields to import so that your patron profiles stay clutter-free. 

Not the Excel guru you once were? With our bulk upload tool, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up your data before importing. We’ve added an automatic data mapping tool that suggests the most appropriate standard fields to populate, and it calls out any errors as you go, rather than telling you at the very end that you have some information to fix. 

Easy Contact Export Into Other Tools to Expand Your Capabilities

With our new contact export function, you have complete ownership of your data to do whatever you would like with it. With the click of a button, you can export your contact data along with all associated data to be used for your specific needs, including upload into additional marketing tools like MailChimp and Constant Contact. 

By exporting your contact data into tools like MailChimp, you can seamlessly distribute off-production communications and stay top of mind with your patrons. This new functionality allows you to do things like send out a monthly newsletter, remind them that a donation in someone’s honor is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, and even share birthday messages (because who doesn’t love being appreciated on their birthday?). 

Understand Your Patrons’ Purchase Journey

With our recent updates, you can easily understand how your patrons navigate the purchase journey. After all, the ultimate goal is for patrons to purchase tickets (over and over again), right? To gather this important information, you now have the ability to collect information about users visiting your OTS production site and send it to your own Google Analytics and Facebook accounts. 

By accessing the full ticket purchase journey, starting from the moment patrons discover your production site to the final checkout, you will have the valuable opportunity to fine-tune your Facebook ad strategy, invest in the high-performing tactics that drive traffic to your site, and increase conversions to grow your revenue. 

Get Started Now! 

There is no question that without the support of patrons, there is no theatre. Nurturing your longtime customers, engaging new theatergoers, and growing your subscription list are key to securing financial stability and ensuring your organization thrives for years to come. 

We’re thrilled to introduce these enhancements and remain committed to continuously innovating to meet our customers’ evolving needs. We look forward to celebrating your successes with you and continuing to enhance your patron experience! 

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