Your show program is the easiest and most streamlined way to share information about your newest production with your patrons. From cast biographies to the show’s key plot points and the appreciation for your indispensable sponsors, this booklet is an integral part of the creative process and the show’s success. Lucky for you, On The Stage now offers Showgram, a professional theatre programming experience that will save you time, money and effort on your next production’s program. Simply put, Showgram gives you the impact of a professional marketing team without the exorbitant cost. 

So … What is Showgram?

On The Stage’s new offering is a tool within the On The Stage Theatre Empowerment platform which uses the information you already have available to easily and automatically create a program. Using the content of your already created OTS Show Site, Showgram will seamlessly populate your booklet with your pre-picked artwork, merchandise, cast biographies, and more. This proprietary generator creates both print and digital offerings for your in-person and virtual showcases, leaving a strong impression on your patrons and setting your show up for success before the curtain rises on opening night.

Why Do You Need a Program? 

Programs offer a variety of things for your show: 

  1. It sets the tone. A program should first and foremost give patrons a brief introduction into the content of your production and what to expect. You can’t assume every person watching has an intimate knowledge of the plots and characters, so this is your chance to get them up to speed and promote your work.
  2. It gets advertisers involved. It can be tough to raise money for your theatre, and programs are a lucrative way to get a solid cash flow going. When community partners, local restaurants, shops and other patrons invest in your program, they’re investing in you and your theatre’s future.
  3. It showcases your team. Think of your program as a way to honor those involved in your show – from backstage crew members to ensemble, musicians and the actors at front and center.

What Should I Include In My Program?

The content of your program should help audience members connect with your art and your story. A solid program should include: 

  • Cast and crew biographies
  • Engaging content about the show (without giving too much away!) 
  • Spotlights on community partnerships and any advertisements 


While these are the core components of your program, you can also customize your content further and add pages that will engage your patrons. If you’re not sure where to start on your program, On The Stage can help.

Making it Easy

Though creating programs may seem intimidating, Showgram makes it easy to create exactly what you need. Fully customizable, Showgram allows users to make a program that fits the needs of individual productions. This means:

  • The flow of the playbill will run exactly how you want it – no cookie cutter formats here!
  • You can add and delete pages to fit your marketable content, so you won’t be scrambling to squeeze or stretch content to hit a mandated page count.
  • What about ads? Through On The Stage’s Fundraising Suite, you’re able to sell advertisements to your loyal patrons, thus helping to raise general funds for your organization. 
  • For those looking to create both printable and digital copies of your program, Showgram has you covered. Options abound; you can distribute both physical and digital copies of your programs on show night, provide digital copies in the lobby through a QR code, or share them in an email.

The Benefits

  • Showgram create a more professional experience for your patrons, fostering a stronger connection between your work and their reaction to it.
  • You can save precious budgeting dollars on an in-house marketing team by switching to Showgram, which offers a variety of program templates at your fingertips. This gives you the impact of a full production staff at a fraction of the cost.
  • The seamless fundraising components of On The Stage make raising capital easier, too; each Showgram program has a QR code that makes digital programs accessible to your audience, but also allows you to drive merchandise sales on mobile devices. Bottom line: Driving revenue will be easier than ever. 
  • You can also sell Showgram ads through the On The Stage’s Fundraising Suite, and highlight top donors. This makes community partners feel appreciated … and compelled to keep giving! 
  • For even more fundraising help, Showgram also encourages donations through your program by inviting ticket-buyers to become patrons of the arts and support your program.
  • You’re in total control. Showgram is all about flexibility, meaning you can tailor the content and length of your program to suit your show.
  • Along with money saved, you’ll also gain a significant amount of time back using this streamlined and quick DIY tool.

Getting Started

If you’re looking to provide a professional experience for your patrons, On The Stage’s Showgram can give you just that. A solid program means a consistent journey for your audience, keeping them engaged and excited about your work now and in the future. 

Showgram is available as part of the On The Stage Producer’s Suite that empowers schools and community theatres with tools, technology, and fundraising capabilities to control their own creative destiny. If you’d like to learn more, book a customized demo today.

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